Zonoki B80S Bluetooth On-Ear Headphone Review

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Perhaps this is my first blog about my first-hand experience of Bluetooth headset/headphones. In the past, I have tried several wired headphones before. Ranging from $10-$20, all them does not seem to have a big difference in sound quality. Also wired headphones aren’t too far in their wireless counterparts.  But on the other hand, all them have failed me in the same way. I’ll tell you more of that later. Maybe its just me. Maybe its just the price range that brings the difference in terms of the quality in the materials used. What do you think? If you will ask me, price tag matters especially if you don’t have a deep pocket or if you only have a few extra bucks to spare. Having said that, do we really need to spend that much and burn so much hard-earned cash for the sake of quality? Well, it depends.

Zonoki B80S Bluetooth On-Ear headphones is by far the cheapest and yet it does not lag behind in terms of sound quality.  Costs just around $20 (or Php 1,100), sound quality is at par with my wired Samsung in-ear headphones. Treble and bass are recognizable enough even if you’re wearing the Zonoki B80S outside. At max volume in my Samsung Note 4, the sound quality is pretty much the same. Of course, in-ear headphones has all advantages in terms of quality and loudness but in comparison this headphone is not too loud that prolonged used is possible. Please note that sound quality depends on the media itself. If you’re listening to the same music for such a long time, you will know the difference if you will switch to another headphone.

Crafted with stainless steel hinged, Zonoki B80S is designed to withstand repetitive use. The hinged (especially if its foldable) is where most of the problem lies. Just like all headphones wireless or wired once it gets broken listening experience is down to zero. Drawback is that it would seem a little bit tight on your head. In my opinion, once you’ve get used to it then it won’t matter anymore. Take considerable time to determine the most comfortable position for you. Ear pads are soft enough but I don’t know if it will lasts especially if it gets exposed to too much sweat. Headband is quite smooth due to its plastic material but the part that touches your head is made of a different material that is rubbery if touched by hands.

According to the online manual I found on the internet, it comes with a 300mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery. Charging time will take you 1-2 hours. Normal usage should last 10 hours. Bluetooth connection is pretty easy. Just press the call button for 5 seconds on the left ear pad (top most button) to start pairing. If 5 seconds allowance fails, try waiting until the LED flashes RED and BLUE alternately. On your mobile or PC, try enabling Bluetooth then connect to “B80S”. Zonoki B80S will power itself down if there’s no activity detected in 3 minutes. In my experience, if I stop the media player from running or even just pressing the “pause” button it will turn itself off. To reconnect, just press again the call button on your headphone then connect to B80S on your device. Bluetooth technology used is version 4 and is more power saving than its predecessors.

LED indicators are BLUE and RED. Stable (steady) BLUE is “fully charged” while steady RED means charging. BLUE light flashing slowly means that Zonoki B80S is connected and there’s an activity. RED light flash with alarm means battery is <10% or equivalent to 30 mins. No indicator means it is powered off.

The package comes with a large box that contains small printed manual written in Chinese and a USB mini cable for charging. Of course the unit itself but no charger. Well, alternatively you can use the USB port in your PC/laptop or any USB charger with 5V DC output at 300mA. A 500mA charger will do but do not left it fully charged and connected to the wall outlet for so long because the battery might wear more quickly.

Bad side? Well as you can see I didn’t mention anything about audio input port. Yes, there’s none. If Zonoki B80S is out of juice then you cannot simply use it with an audio cable.

Update: March 31, 2017. I don’t know if there’s something to do with the USB port or any drivers on my laptop. But upon connecting the USB cable to charge my B80S, the music from my laptop suddenly pops out from the speakers of the B80S. Wow!

By the way, Zonoki B80S Bluetooth On-Ear Headphone is still available from the online store Just do a quick search and you’ll find it. Just don’t forget to look for the lowest price available. Good luck!


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