The World 3 Rise of Demon [Game Review]

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I haven’t played the prequel of this game so I do not have an idea whether this one have a storyline. But nevertheless, I download it and start playing because I became interested in the game preview on Google Play. Graphics looks “detailed” and smooth on the preview video. The action, skills displayed and movement looks fluid that really pushed me to try this game. After downloading and installing the game in a snap I noticed that there’s no storyline. Aw.

The World 3: Rise of Demon mobile game is dungeon based game and features two character class to choose from – Mage and Warrior. Warrior is gender lock to Male while Mage is gender lock to Female. I didn’t find anything wrong with this though. Character detail is fine and movement is so smooth especially during pvp and dungeon mode. But I did notice that as the area becomes bigger, there’s a little lag but this is tolerable.

Customization in this game is limited. The only thing that you can customize is the character’s name and the appearance by purchasing a new “SUIT” in the shop. I do hope that in the future, options to change weapon appearance will be available.

As I have said, gameplay is superb with detailed graphics and smooth fighting scene. Skills are flashy and looks cool too. Character voices and background music matches and blends properly with the current scene. Overall the gameplay is so alive that you can even dodge/evade while casting a skill. Please note that this feature has a limit that you cannot spam it more than 4 times. Not sure if this will be the same for all players though. Please comment if yours is different.

Rewards are quite generous that for a specific time interval you can earn gold and diamonds. To earn gold, simply tap the “Supply” icon if there’s a red dot on the said icon. To earn diamonds (atleast 10 diamonds), just tap the “Free Diamonds” icon and you will be prompted to watch a video promotion.

The World 3 - Rise of Demon Character Class

Bugs? The only problem I encountered is that after my first PVP with an AI, the game closed automatically. I was able to get the rewards so this is not an issue for me. Since the game is somewhat new, we should expect more of these.

The World 3: Rise of Demon deserves the attention of mobile gamers looking for decent and detailed graphics and smooth gameplay. The only drawback of this game is that PVP is not real time and you are up against only to a bunch of AI. Though challenging enough that will keep you coming back for more, PVP as we know it is still a game changer.

I really hope that real time PVP will be included soon. For now dungeon and AI PVP is good enough for me. What are your thoughts of this game? Would you prefer playing mobile game similar to this that does not include real-time PVP against real players? Let us know by posting your comments below. For more info about the game please watch the video below.

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