Windows 10 Game Mode Coming Soon


Still playing games on your Windows desktop PC? Online? Offline? Well, whatever games you’re playing right now and it happens that you are using Windows 10 then there is something to look forward to next year. So far, this is the only news that got my attention as a gamer that will finally help lessen some of the problems during playtime – Windows Game Mode. Yes, other software have this like Comodo antivirus and it is on our advantage if Microsoft will implement this functionality in Windows – the one that controls them all.

According to Windows Central, the upcoming Windows “Game Mode” feature can improve gaming experience by minimizing resources allocated to running apps and feed it back to the games you are playing. Also, we can assume that at some point, some background apps or services (printer drivers, etc.) will be terminated if they are not critical to the current situation. As a result, your games will have a better grasp of the operating system’s RAM, GPU, CPU and disk drives making your gaming experience as smooth as possible.

Hardware upgrades are sure way to improve gaming experience, but it is a fact that most of the time background apps tends to get in the way. With the help of “Game Mode” feature, we can see that software bugs caused by other internal system apps can also be minimized. It is expected to be included in the next build (#14997) and we should hope that all Win32 apps will be supported and will not be limited to games coming from the Windows Store.

Getting excited for 2017? So stay tuned by allowing “Windows Updates” on your desktop PC running in the background, who knows this year might be a good year for us gamers. Happy Gaming!

Source: Windows Central


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