Warcraft Movie Coming Soon this June 2016


The great battle between the Orcs and Humans is coming. No, this is not a LOR (Lord of the Rings) film but the much awaited Warcraft movie that has been in the waiting list for such a long time. In the past there are rumors that the movie has been dumped already but with the full movie trailer that was released just recently, fans can now hope that anytime soon it will finally hit their local movie houses.

Legendary Pictures posted in Youtube a trailer from which fans can see for themselves what to expect in the upcoming movie. And just like in the first LOR series, the trailer started off with the world that is at peace. “For years, our world has been in peace. But something is coming. I can feel it. Dark forces are upon us.”

If our race has to survive

Worlds will collide! – a phrase in the trailer that gives the fans a brief summary of what will happen in the early part of the movie. Orcs is leaving their dying home through a portal that somehow leads them to Humans world. And as the trailer progresses fans will know that there will be a twist in the story that will give Humans a slight ray of hope in winning the battle.

With the humans help there is

Directed by Duncan Jones this film could be the start of a movie series that I hope will soon feature all the characters in DOTA 2 along with the animation and action that fans have experienced in the said online game.


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