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I was about to re-install my Google Chrome browser or launch a full-scan on my laptop after suspecting that it was infected by some kind of virus or malware. What prompted me to do this is when I tried to visit my ads online hosted for free on ads website. Usually I just type the word ‘sulit’ on my Chrome browser to visit the site, but after my first attempt it says that Google Chrome cannot find site. So I tried the reloading again but to no avail, the same error message appears. I then tried to access the web cache from Google but a more alarming message appears. It says that “Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network….” This makes me think that my laptop or Internet connection has problems.

I tried to visit any other site (I tried and it was a relief that I was able to browse other website other than domain. So this is a signal that the alarming message is not true. At around 4 o’ clock in the afternoon, another sign of relief surfaces via a Facebook message that was hacked.

I thought my laptop was infected by a virus.

I thought my laptop was infected by a virus.

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ADVISORY: Someone hacked through our account in our domain registry and changed the details of our domain Unfortunately, we do not have control over the security of our domain’s registry. Our team has already made the necessary changes and we’re now waiting for the correct domain information to propagate globally.

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[/box] admits that they were attacked by some hacker. admits that they were attacked by some hacker.

As of this writing (around 6pm) the said Philippines top ads portal was still inaccessible. It seems that the site is under attack by DDOS (Denial of Service) causing the site to be cut-off from the rest of Internet. This will cause paid and free advertisements to also become inaccessible making some Sulit members to become angry. This is true especially to Sulit Gold members that posted paid advertisements on the ads portal that could lead to profit loss.

Some suspects that AyosDito is behind the hack.

Some suspects that AyosDito is behind the hack.

Officially, there’s no proof as to who the attacker was or whether it is a local or international group of hacktivist. But some Sulit members suspected that the rival ads portal AyosDito was behind the attack. In a Facebook message, some Sulit members had an experience that when they try to visit the site they say that they were redirected to AyosDito portal instead.

Who do you think the attacker was? Would Anonymous PH help the Sulit admins to solve this issue? Tell us what you think by posting your comments below.

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Update: Dec. 2 2012 It appears that Anonymous Iligan is claiming to be responsible for the hacking incident altering the domain information hosted on Was Anonymous Iligan a breakaway group from Anonymous PH? To make it clear, the hacking incident does not bring any damages to web servers and it’s contents and databases but to the DNS service used by which is the As of this time 1:41 PM, is back to normal.


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