Project Ara to bring Modular Lego-like Smartphones Soon


Today’s top electronic gadgets costs too much at the time of its introduction to the market but depreciates very fast in less than a year. Most of the time, the reason behind is that several improvements on hardware components becomes available that renders the existing piece of gadget obsolete. Just like the Galaxy Note 2. At the time of its unveiling, Note 2 is not LTE capable. But once the technology becomes available, Samsung released another version of the Note 2 with LTE functionality. Of course, the only thing that stands between the two is the price. But how about if you could just replace the radio module of your non-LTE device that is LTE capable. This route should be cheaper, right? Got the idea?

In the latest collaboration of Motorola with 3D Systems, expending too much money to get your dream gadget is about to change. It’s because a “PhoneBloks” prototype is now inching its way to reality. So instead of buying the whole gadget, you could just replace a particular component with a new one. For the uninformed, this project aims to develop modular smartphones whose parts or components can be replaced like (blocks of) Legos. So, you want a higher resolution screen? Or Bluetooth 5? Octa-core processor? 64 GB RAM? No problem. Just pull the old ones out then snap the new ones in.

If this idea ever become a reality and pushed on the consumer side, we no longer have to spend a lot of money just to get that particular smartphone functionality or capability. In the long run the real winner are the consumers and of course Mother nature as well because less natural resources will be used. The only drawback of this project is that it will slow down the rate of new models that are released in a year. This would mean less profit for the manufacturers.

What do you think of Project Ara? Will it be able to see the light of day? Share your thoughts with us here by posting your comments below.


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