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I’ve been seeing this game posted in Facebook in the form of “ads” so frequently that it makes me hesitant to try the game. And for the longest time I finally give in. After installing the game and playing for about 3-4 hours straight that is the time that I noticed something. Have you played Chaos Combat already? If you haven’t then you can check this post or watch the video gameplay of this game. Loong Craft is similar to Chaos Combat in terms of gameplay and character design. But LC is full 3D while CC is 2D.

Tons of content features with almost perfect notification system. Loong Craft for the beginners would seem too complex at first and daunting to start with. I would even think that a single detailed blog post describing all its features is not enough. But do not worry, the guys at LC has made the notification system so good that all you have to do is to follow. So I will just leave it to you to uncover them all. After all they have made it simple for us gamers not to become lost in the gameplay. There’s only one thing to keep in mind with all the stuff that is going on – it will make your character stronger.

Full 3D gameplay. Yes you are reading it right. I think Loong Craft is the only mobile game wherein you can watch the game progresses in full 3D! You can zoom in, zoom out and change the focus in a 360 degree angle. Take note that game performance does not change while you’re doing these kind of stuff. Also it is important to note that data connection to the server seems to work seamlessly even if you got disconnected for a short time. It will reconnect automatically. But of course it will prompt you if you got disconnected by more than 2 minutes.

Storyline is below average that you can totally ignore it. You could just focus your attention to the gameplay itself and enjoy the 3D experience. I really hope that the weapon, armor and costume design will get better in the late game. Because right now my character is level 33 and the designs are just plain simple. If Loong Craft comes with good armor and weapon design, I think this will be the best mobile RPG. Did I forgot to mention that LC is open world? Yes, Loong Craft is open world and this is the most wanted feature by most RPG gamers.

Reward system is good that you get freebies upon reaching a certain character level. And there’s also a free horse mount! LC mounts works flawlessly that you will get “mounted” automatically if the game detected that you’re no longer in battle and while you are running.

Loong Craft comes with a distinguishable feature and considered to be the “core” part of the game – State Wars. Upon character creation you will be choosing from different classes – Warrior, Tactician, Lancer and Archer. In this stage, you should be careful to choose which state you want to belong to. Six states are available. But during the war (which happen every 8pm for a duration of 30 minutes I think) the states will be divided into three groups and the states in each group will fight. One state will do the defense while the other will do the offense.

Download size is around 70 MB while content updates will be around 200-300 MB. Loong Craft was developed and publish by Ujoy the same team behind the mobile game Chaos Combat. Please check the Loong Craft video gameplay below and see if this will suite your game style. Happy gaming!

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