Fast and Furious Actor Paul Walker @ 40 Dies in a Car Crash


In case you haven’t heard, yes the news about his death is true. The news was confirmed by the actor’s Facebook page which states that Paul Walker died with a friend while attending a charity event. No, he was not the driver of the car (Porche GT) but a passenger when the accident happen.

“Paul Walker passed away today in a tragic car accident while attending a charity event for his organization Reach Out Worldwide. He was a passenger in a friend’s car, in which both lost their lives. We appreciate your patience as we too are stunned and saddened beyond belief by this news. Thank you for keeping his family and friends in your prayers during this very difficult time. We will do our best to keep you apprised on where to send condolences. – #TeamPW”

Paul Walker Dies at a Fiery Car Crash

The last glimpse on Paul Walker before the accident

According to the many reports I have read on the internet, the said car crashed into a tree (some say ‘light pole’ or ‘telegraph pole’) after the driver lose his control of the high powered car. Fiery flames then immediately engulfed the car that saving Paul Walker and his friend seems impossible. Some friends of Walker that witnessed the accident attempts to put out the fire but it was futile.

‘We all ran around and jumped in cars and grabbed fire extinguishers and immediately went to the vehicle. It was engulfed in flames. There was nothing. They were trapped. Employees, friends of the shop. We tried. We tried.”

Paul Walker Dies at a Fiery Car Crash

The Porsche Carrera GT where Walker and his friend gets trapped in a fiery car crash

Paul Walker was there in Valencia, California for a car show in support to the relief effort for the Filipino victims hit by super-typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan). I was really saddened that people like Paul Walker has to die in such a very tragic way. It seems to me that Fast 2 Furious will never be the same again.

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