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If you’re looking for a somewhat less pricey smartwatch/smartband that will fit your very active lifestyle then look no more. DT F1 Smartband might be the one for you. This one is tough and packs a quite functionality that is best suited if you’re always on the run and want to have a statistics of your day to day activity and performance. Pairing is easy that is done via app on your smartphone. Works well even under water for several hours. Already tried wearing the DT F1 Smartband on one occasion wherein we go for a swim in a resort pool. All I can really say is that this one really holds on to its promise of being IP68 (water proof) certified.

DT F1 smartband comes with a silicone wrist strap that is very soft when it touches the skin. Locking mechanism of the strap is similar to a watch that it won’t easily slipped your hand for any unexpected reason. Display is made up of OLED HD with 0.9 inch screen. Though some might claim that the display is touchscreen, it isn’t. Multi-touch, yes but this is because there is some sort of sensor located at both edges of the screen that allows you to navigate the menus. Battery on the other side is really a monster that will give you several days of use without charging. Once the 240 mAh polymer battery is used up, full charging will only take you an hour. According to the specs, DT F1 smartband can lasts up to 100 days if for standby use only. In my experience, enabling the heart rate monitoring and sedentary alarm to always on this smartband/smartwatch can lasts up to 10 days.

Before I forgot, aside from the heart rate and sedentary alarm DT F1 smartband also features several functions such as pedometer, sleep monitor, call and SMS notification (no SMS content push) as well as Facebook, WeChat and QQ notifications. For the remote camera, All these features is shared with your smartphone via a very low power Bluetooth 4.0 technology. Haven’t tried pairing this with my wife’s iPhone 6S but I guess it will work just fine similar to my Note 4.

Charging is done with a special cable with two contact points that attaches under the DT F1 smartband via a magnetic material in the cable itself. Avoid using a phone charger because normally these chargers have a rating higher than 500mAh. Use a the USB port on your laptop or if you have a charger with 300mAh and below it will work just fine.

Drawbacks? First, the DT F1 smartband does not include a blood pressure monitor. Second, you have to push a separate button to wake it up so that you can see the time and navigate the menus. Some smartband/smartwatch comes with a “lift” feature that by only lifting and twisting your wrist the display will be activated. But because of it is IP68 certified and it packs with a relatively high capacity battery these outweighs all the not so significant features. And that is if you ask me.

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