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At first glance, the content of this mobile version of Devilian is somewhat similar to the likes of HIT (Heroes of Incredible Tales). But as you progress through the game, you will see that this game is unique. And similar to the PC version, your chosen character can turn itself to a “devil”. Demonic form comes with different set of skills that also includes summoning of another monster/demon and that can deal tremendous amount of damage.

As of this posting there are 3 characters to choose from – Kylar (knight) and his deathblade, Ayla (warrior-witch) and her flying chakrams and Elin (unknown) the little girl with a deathscythe twice her size. Have you notice Ayla during the character creation phase? Yes, only Ayla retains its weapon when in Devilian form and that the chakrams changes into a dual hand blades. Kylar, Ayla and Elin comes with different set of skills in human or when in demonic form. To upgrade skills (Tactical, Summoning and Ultimate) of any Devilian character you have to gather “souls”. Acquiring souls is further explained below.

Game graphics is superb and the gameplay is smooth especially during “raid”. Tapping the camera icon on the top right of the screen will allow you to zoom in/out a little bit  but the difference is not noticeable. Character, armor and weapons details are quite good that I think is far more better than any game of the same genre. Another good point of this game is customization. RPG games of the same genre that comes with good character and equipment design are often devoid of “customizable” feature to the extent that different armors and weapons does not change what the character will look.

Different game modes are available but you have to spend time in the Campaign mode first to unlock them. What this mean is that you have to complete a particular stage or “zone”. Again, most RPG games will only require you to level up your character. Once unlock, they can be accessed in the Challenge mode that will offer Devilian player the Daily Dungeon, Infernal Temple, Arena and Raids. 

Devilian player can increase damage by acquiring weapons and armors that comes in “set” and that also holds true for accessories. Equipment level ranges from common, superior, rare, heroic, epic, legendary and mythic. Raising the equipment level can be done by enhancing, fusing or evolving a particular item. Aside from equipments, devilstones are also introduced in this game and that is critical to winning against demon boss. Additionally it grants players defense and offense against a certain type of attack whether its magical, physical or elemental of type. Devilstones are similar to equipments in terms of “level” and you can only assign 6 devilstones for a particular skill “frame” – Tactical, Summoning and Ultimate. Devilstones can be upgraded by using another devilstone of the same level of the same type or by using upgrade stones acquired in dungeons or raids. On the other hand, devilstones are good source of “souls” that you can use to upgrade Devilian skills. Extracting “souls” from devilstones can be done thru the process of “grinding” and can be simply done by tapping the button “Grinding”.

Another unique feature in Devilian is “Demonic Devour”. Any Devilian character can use this feature than can further increase damage dealt by “absorbing” the combat stat of the demon boss that appears in the last zone of a chapter and after successfully defeating the boss. “Summoning” skill on the other hand is different in which a demon boss becomes available in the “Summoning” skill after defeating a boss monster in a particular zone of a chapter.

Elemental advantage is another feature of Devilian that exists in several turn-based strategy game. Elemental advantage can be best described by Flame -> Lightning -> Frost -> Flame. That is, flame element will deal +30% damage to lightning element and so on and so forth. Elements are associated with skills and devilstones so use this feature to your advantage.

Storyline of the game is not quite enchanting that I just skip it all together. Maybe there’s no element of surprise in the exchange of discussion and maybe for me the dialogues are too serious that sometimes. Maybe it is to early to judge on this part so we will not include this in our ratings.

Getting excited? Devilian for mobile has an initial download size of around 80 MB with content update of around 150 MB. Please watch the video gameplay below to know more about the game. Happy gaming!

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