CRY – Dark Rise of Antihero [Game Review]

  • Graphics
  • Gameplay
  • Storyline
  • Customization
  • Rewards

A mobile game that is based on a rather “odd” story. Imagine gods and demons wreaking havoc in humanity? Who would you turn to for help? Well as the story goes, another demon (Memphito) came to help and have them signed a contract in exchange for great power. Dark power that is so great that could bring down even the mighty Zeus! Three characters (antihero) are playable in this game – Deimos (Demon Warrior), Eva (Shadow Mage) and Lucia (Mad Witch).

As far as I can remember, this is the only game I enjoyed playing non-stop on my Android phone. Similar to this experience is when I play Infinity Blade II on my iPad 2. Most noticeable feature of the game is that combos can be “altered” thus giving you more control of the gameplay. Camera focus on the character is dynamic that automatically adjusts to the current scene to highlight the action especially combos. Though “focus” does not work all the time, overall it is a good feature that you don’t have to look on your mobile device’s screen at the same angle throughout the gameplay.

Update: Feb 10 2017 – Just recently, I tried playing again the game and to my surprise I get a complete set of “SS” gears as a reward. Is this a reward for “returning” players? What do you think? Let us know by posting your comments below.

Customization is good and as of the moment can only be attained via costumes. Unlike in Devilian, armor and weapons provides the customization that you want. But costumes here are “badass” so it is fair enough for me and you can buy them using 3000 gems. Gems are then earned by just playing the game. On the most part, you will earn gems by doing some quests and completing the Codex. I did earned 3k gems that I bought the “Pursuer Deimos” costume for my demon warrior character. As of now the stats for all costumes are the same so you only have to decide which one will suit your style.

Gameplay modes are quite plenty that almost any similar RPG game currently have – there’s PVP, dungeon, campaign and raids. Storyline is quite good that you’ll got hooked if you became interested in the unique story. Action and combos on the other hand are fast-paced giving you the thrill of a real hack-n-slash game. And with the addition of smooth graphics, overall gameplay is above average.

Reward system is great that you don’t have to burn some cash just to get what you want. As I have said earlier you can earn gems just by simply playing the game. Want more rewards? Deploy “familiars” to hunt for hp/xp potions, gold, crafting materials and gears. Note that “hunting” can fail sometimes. But I noticed that the higher level of your familiars the higher chance they have to earn rewards. Think of familiars as pet but can only be useful once “summoned” to do some damage. No, it does not accompany you during the game but it does provide some “buffs” and offensive capabilities.

Ready to play? CRY – Dark Rise of Antihero comes in at around 400 MB including the recent updates. I have a demon warrior and its currently at level 27 so please add me for collecting “Soul”. Rewards are given in exchange for a particular amount of soul so please add me my IGN is NUTC24CK32. Good luck and have a nice weekend!

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