Chaos Chronicle Game Review


Chaos Chronicle is a game for everyone who loves strategic gameplay but does not have enough patience to wait for their turn just like in a turn-base game. Yes, turn-base games are sometimes boring that often “flush” the excitement down the drain. In this game, you can (almost) simultaneously cast deadly skills on your opponent once the cooldown is reset. And during any mode of battle (except at the Colisseum), you can select up to five heroes to represent your “house” or team. Each heroes are equipped with unique skills that will bring the edge in battle.

Reward system is quite good in Chaos Chronicle. Ruby and coins are provided generously by completing a particular task which are quite easy. These “currency” can help you to upgrade the heroes of your “house” to gear up, rank up and power up. And with the recent patch, you can further enhance any 6-star hero by equipping accessories – earrings, necklaces and rings. Acquiring heroes are easy. At a specific period, 1-3 star as well as 1-5 star heroes are provided. Additionally, some of the 5-star heroes can be acquired as “drop” items in each map or by completing set of missions.

Controlling the game is not that hard. All heroes attack automatically. The only left to do by any Chaos Chronicle player is to cast skills. But you have to do this at the right time or else you will suffer the consequences. And this is the part that makes this game exciting. Skills can really define the outcome of the battle but making sure that the skill is not canceled by your opponent’s skill is the secret here.

Games modes are quite plenty that will keep you hooked in playing this game. PVP can be done in the Arena and in the Colisseum. Set of five heroes is needed in the Arena and the Colisseum but only in the Colisseum where “substitution” is allowed. The rest is PVE consisting of Manatech Tower (endless mode), Daily Dungeon, Adventure mode(storyline) and Raid. Each mode brings the best of rewards but you should not “skip” the Daily Dungeon in which the reason is left for you to find out.

Storyline is “engaging” that will keep you in trying to finish each map to unfold the whole story. And not just plain serious talk, there’s also lots of humor here. Character designs are very much appreciated in this mode that further “enhances” the gaming experience. Though this game is zero on the “customization” part , the game experience is unaffected that you won’t bother with it because you will be too busy upgrading your heroes.

Tips? Do you remember the 1-3 star hero I just told you? Don’t sell them because it will provide your heroes a very good source of “EXP”. Just keep on visiting “The Shop” under the “Hero & Item” tab to get up to 5x 1-3 star hero. Subjugation tickets will make your life easy. But here’s the catch you should have lots of them and also lots of stamina. Already out of stamina? While you can wait for your stamina to get filled up you can use 25 “ruby” to buy 125+5 stamina to get you going. Using subjugation tickets not only increases the chances of getting better rewards but also increases the chance of getting 1-3 star hero. Last but not the list, join now and level up your house to level 2 before August 31 to get 5-star Sia hero plus 100 rubies and 50,000 gold.


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