Monkey Light Pro Lights up your Bicycle Wheel with Style

Monkey Light Pro Lights up your Bicycle Wheel with Style

Aug 15, 2013

Let there be Light! Do you think that your bicycle is cool enough? Have you seen anything like this before? Then try putting one of this on your bicycle wheels and see it for yourself. This bicycle accessory will surely get all the attention that you want from your co-bikers and even the whole neighborhood! And not just that, this stuff can also be used to send the right message to your friends by customizing the image that it could display on your bicycle wheels. Yes, the display lights can be customized to almost anything that you want. Do you want something like this on your bicycle? Read on.

Dubbed as the Monkey Light Pro, this bicycle wheel display system was previously a Kickstarter project that has gained enough backers to push through. Now for a limited time only, the said product can be still pre-ordered on the monkeylectric portal. As of this writing the prototypes of the Monkey Light Pro can be seen only on exhibits, events and places such as Dragon’s Den, EuroBike, SXSW, Maker Faire and Siggraph. So if you’re eager to have one of these, go ahead and grab one for your bicycle. It will cost you around $660 (including the shipping fee) if you’re within the US and $740 if you’re living elsewhere. If you think that this is too pricey, you may opt to buy the older Monkey Light M232 model that is also waterproof with only 32 full color LEDs.

Monkey Light Pro

Monkey Light Pro can be installed on one wheel or both wheel with different designs.

Monkey Light Pro will start lighting up your bike’s wheel once it starts rolling and will be visible on both sides. It features a full color circular display that is 70 pixels in diameter that is made up of 256 ultra-bright full color LEDs. If you’re worried that these LEDs will be damaged by splashes of water, don’t fret because it is waterproof and IP55 certified. This IP Code simply means that the Monkey Light Pro can be use in almost all types of weather and protected from all types of particles. Secured by a stainless-steel anti-theft strap and vibration proof mount, you can rest assured that it can’t be easily detach from your bicycle wheel.

Start a Party! When the sun goes down stay visible – the Monkey Light M232 turns your evening bike ride into an instant party. The MonkeyFX system creates thousands of amazing patterns in your spinning bicycle wheel. With cutting edge digital light art, the M232 is sure to get you noticed at night. The Monkey Light provides great front, rear and side visibility at any speed. It creates full color patterns on your spinning bike wheel at 10 to 40 mph (15 to 65 km/h). The 8-bit themes are instantly customizable – with on-board buttons you can choose the themes and colors to fit any situation. The M232 is easy to mount on the spokes of nearly any bike – Road, City, Cruiser, Mountain and BMX bikes. The light is perfect for daily commuters, urban cyclists, casual evening riders – anytime you want to be visible after dark or in the rain.

The only downside that I can see with the Monkey Light Pro is that it will only allow you to use it for 8 hours in full brightness via the built-in 7000mAh lithium battery. But if you can attach a ‘charging’ unit (dynamo?) that gets its power from your wheels, maybe you can hack your way to extending the 8 hours runtime limit. If you really want to extend the battery life of the Monkey Light Pro say up to 48 hours, you can adjust the brightness or carefully select the right image to lessen the current load on LEDs.

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