ViVi Leaf Ultra-thin 5000mAh Power Bank for $28

ViVi Leaf Ultra-thin 5000mAh Power Bank for $28

Jun 9, 2013

Most of the time, travelers prefer to bring only the lightest and if possible the smallest gadget when going out for a vacation. The reason for this is that roaming around visiting wonderful places with a heavy back pack is not cool. So you really have to choose which among your gadgets will be included in your list and which one will be left behind. Whatever decision you have to make, there is one thing that you shouldn’t miss – a backup plan. What I mean is that you should bring with you an extra battery for your gadgets or more conveniently a power bank. In this matter, I can say that the ViVi Leaf, a power bank from Haipaite Technology can be the best choice.

Based on the specs and prices that I received from one of their representative, the ViVi Leaf is the thinnest power bank in the 5000mAh category. Measuring at 135 x 78.5 x 8.8mm (less than 1 cm thick) you will be surprised that the manufacturer was able to include two output ports for your mobile phone and tablet as well. One output port is rated at 5V 1A while the other port used for larger devices is rated at 5V 2.1A. Charging the LEAF could take 6 hours using a 1A wall charger and 12 hours if using a USB port on your laptop or desktop PC. Just like any power bank that we have seen, the LEAF includes 4 LED indicators and power button that you can use to monitor the charging progress.

ViVi Leaf Power Bank

ViVi Leaf power bank is currently the thinnest in the 5000mAh category.

With the ViVi Leaf on your back pack, you don’t have to worry about putting much weight on your travel and worrying about dead camera, tablet or mobile phone. The package includes the unit only that comes with a charging cable with a micro-USB on one end and a USB on the other end. Though I haven’t seen and tested ViVi Leaf’s performance, I think that it can fully charge an iPhone 4/5 and an iPad 2 with 20%-30% charge left based on the specs provided. But of course, actual testing will reveal the real score of this product so for now don’t take my word for it.

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