Fills the Gap in the Philippine e-Commerce Fills the Gap in the Philippine e-Commerce

Jun 13, 2013

I love gadgets and other electronics stuff that I am in constant search for new products before they hit the store shelves. Whenever I spotted an interesting gadget or new innovation surrounding a particular product, I always find the time to review it, make a short write-up and share it on my blog. But most of the time, the gadgets that I found on the internet is not yet available here in the Philippines. So each time a reader of my blog post ask where they can buy this stuff, I honestly admit that ‘I do not know’. But if there is a direct link to the manufacturer’s web site, I include it in my reply or just direct them to Amazon.

I already encounter some of my reader looking for stuff/gadgets like the Fitbit Flex, BladePad, GameKlip and the VR (virtual reality) headset Oculus Rift here in the Philippines. And when it becomes a cycle that each time I post a new gadget on my blog site that a reader asks where they can buy that stuff, that is the time that I decided to look for a solution.

My first encounter with is when I tried to look for an online shop that sells GameKlip.

Introducing, my first encounter with this site is when I tried to look for an online shop that sells GameKlip here in the Philippines. I really don’t know anything about this online shopping website and the unique services they provide. Maybe it’s just me who is not updated with news regarding online shopping portal or it’s not just my area of interest. Also, I don’t bother to check each online store because I believe that it will show up on my Google searches like what I did with site.

Buy products not available in the Philippines. Like I said, Inc. is not your traditional online shopping portal. They aim to provide a very unique experience by giving its online customers the means to purchase products not available locally. This is very different from the rest of online e-Commerce website wherein you can buy their products even without going online. If the product you’re looking for is not yet available, you can use their search tool that in effect will notify them. You can wait until the product gets available but I advise that you email them and indicate the product that you want.

Have you already found the gadget you’re looking for? Then try and let us know the results!

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