DOTA 2 Offline Feature a.k.a DOTA 2 LAN Mode Uncovered

DOTA 2 Offline Feature a.k.a DOTA 2 LAN Mode Uncovered

Jun 5, 2013

DOTA 2 Offline mode or  LAN mode feature could be the best gift that Valve can give to all DOTA 2 gamers all over the world. It’s a feature that is not included in the first release of the game but found to be just lurking in the deep files and folders in your computer. Though a promised has been made by the gaming company to release this feature soon, any kind of tricks to play this game without connecting to the internet is still a dream come true.

But it seems that DOTA 2 LAN feature is already here. Concealed from view for a couple of years, a DOTA 2 fan had uncovered the secrets to enable this feature. While this could mean changing some settings on your Steam client and spewing some commands on the console screen, I can say that this is bearable in exchange for something that is of true value for DOTA 2 fans like me. If you can master the right ‘spell’ (commands) and unleashed it via the console, then you’re on your way to playing DOTA 2 offline. No more slow internet connection. It’s now just between you, your computer and pure DOTA 2 fun.

DOTA 2 offline mode

Enable DOTA 2 offline mode by mastering the commands using the console screen.

I really don’t know the original author of this guide but based on the post date (about 2 months ago), I can say that a Reddit member Tougheed91 is the first to uncover this secret. Take note that this guide does not include playing along with other players in a LAN party but just a single player vs AI bots.

Step by step guide to play DOTA 2 offline.

  1. Install Steam client and download DOTA 2. Skip this step if you already installed the game.
  2. Right-click DOTA 2 game by selecting Library->All Games. Click Properties.
  3. Under the General tab, click SET LAUNCH OPTIONS then type ‘–console’ in the text box provided.
  4. Click Steam->Go Offline.
  5. Go back to Library->All Games then right-click DOTA 2 then choose ‘Play Game’.
  6. Type the following commands on the console screen one after the another.
    • sv_cheats 1
    • sv_lan 1
    • dota_start_ai_game 1
    • dota_bot_set_difficulty 0-3 or dota_bot_practice_difficulty 0-3
    • map dota

Alternatively, you can watch the YouTube video below uploaded by a Reddit member named DoOm101DoN.

Playing offline allows you to practice and sharpen your skills so that each time you’re on a loosing team you’re not the one they will be calling as noobs. Believe me I have experienced it before, the trash talk and all the foul words that you can get while you’re still learning the game. Though it’s one way of learning DOTA 2 the hard way, playing offline will give you some advantage to sharpen your skill first.

With DOTA 2 LAN feature that was uncovered, we can assume that Valve is really up to its promise of providing DOTA 2 fans to enable this feature with a click of a button. For now we can do nothing but to stick with the console and hope that offline mode was indeed in the making.


Update: DOTA 2 FirstBlood Update introduced late September now brings the most awaited LAN Mode for DOTA 2. With this feature you can now play locally with 9 of your friends at your home or in an internet Cafe. All you have to do is to “Create a Local Lobby” if you’re the one hosting the game. Otherwise, you have to use the “Find a Lobby” feature and select “Local Lobbies” tab if you want to join DOTA 2 within the LAN. Alternatively, you can also play via this mode against bots if you want to practice and hone your skills for DOTA 2 supremacy

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    • NUTC24CK32 /

      No need for this. Just register for a steam account then download and install the steam client in your PC. launch the client then search and install DOTA 2 from within the steam client.

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    Sir, can i have 1 beta key for dota 2.. pls just send here thanks!

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