Typing Made Easy via ZAGGkeys PROfolio Plus iPad Keyboard

Typing Made Easy via ZAGGkeys PROfolio Plus iPad Keyboard

May 12, 2013

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Let’s admit it. Apple’s iPad could be the best tablet known to man. But when the need arises for heavy typing, iPad could be the worse gadget that was invented. This message also goes out to other tablet brands that do not include a keyboard unlike Microsoft’s Surface tablet. Luckily this problem became an opportunity for many tablet accessory dealers that strives to provide the best solution possible. One of them is ZAGG that develops the ZAGGkeys PROfolio Plus iPad keyboard.

This iPad keyboard from ZAGG is made up of aluminum that is ultra-thin (0.81 inches) and lighweight (1 lbs.) compared to other brands. It uses Bluetooth technology to communicate with your iPad that has a very low power consumption. It uses island style keys that gives maximum spacing allowing people with bigger hands to comfortably type with ease. The good guys at Zagg were also kind enough to include special keys allowing you to perform special functions like adjusting the volume, copy/paste, lock the screen, search, home etc. With these functions writing and editing would be as easy and quick compared to doing it via the on-screen keyboard.

1x1.trans Typing Made Easy via ZAGGkeys PROfolio Plus iPad Keyboard

ZAGGkeys PROfolio Plus could be the best iPad keyboard for people looking for quick, comfortable and convenience when typing on their iPad 2, 3 or 4.

Typing in a dark room would never be a problem because this iPad keyboard’s keys is backlit. Additionally you can adjust the brightness level that suits your viewing pleasure and thereby pushing the battery life span of Zaggkeys PROfolio Plus longer. To further enhanced your viewing experience, the ProFolio Plus also includes a built-in stand that holds your iPad at an ideal viewing angle.

This iPad keyboard also doubles as an iPad case that is made up of durable polyurethane material. It can protect your iPad’s front and back from scratches without sacrificing style. The case also includes a magnetic cover that makes the case closed avoiding flipping open that can cause damage on your iPad. Just like any iPad case it also activates the iPad’s sleep/wake feature when closed that also helps to extend your iPad’s juice.

Would you buy ZAGGkeys PROfolio Plus for your iPad (2, 3, or 4)? Here’s the truth. This iPad keyboard from ZAGG is a definite buy only if you will be using your iPad more on a desktop mode. Other than that this is not the right gadget for you. Why? Because you cannot fold the case behind the keyboard. But with all the features discussed above, I believe that this is minimal and can be ignored.

Protect your tablet and take your work and play everywhere you go with the ZAGGkeysTM PROfolio+ (Plus)TM. Combining an ultra thin, lightweight design with patented keyboard technology, the ZAGGkeys PROfolio+ offers a complete mobile experience for the Apple® iPad®. Island-style keys provide maximum spacing in a compact Bluetooth® keyboard for an authentic, relaxed feel. The open keyboard layout reduces fatigue during long typing sessions, making the ZAGkeys PROfolio+ perfect for maximizing the utility and convenience of the iPad.

–source: ZAGG

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