iCafe Business Owners Needs PC Troubleshooting Skills

iCafe Business Owners Needs PC Troubleshooting Skills

May 3, 2013

You may not agree with me on this. But let me tell you a story first. A few days ago, I attended a seminar about setting up your own iCafe business (a.k.a internet shop) using diskless technology. It’s all about cutting the cost of maintaining your iCafe business and putting some speed on how things work by deploying diskless PC in the local area netwrok. In addition to the technical aspect of the seminar, I got interested in the topic because the seminar also includes the business side of things. Stuff that sounds Greek to techie people like me like business plan, business permits, sofware licensing, return of investment (ROI) computation etc. These things were discussed on the first part of the seminar that followed by the hardware setup and software installation of the needed apps like CCBoot, Windows and system drivers.

Cutting it short, the seminar went smoothly for everyone. Attendees includes businessman, computer technicians, future iCafe owners and those existing iCafe owners wanted to shift to diskless workstation. Like I said, everything went smoothly even during the Q&A portion. Each participants were satisfied with the answers they got from the speakers. But there’s one thing that really bothers existing and future iCafe business owners. That is the cost of maintaining/repairing a single computer. How many computers do you have in your iCafe business?

To cut cost on maintaining or managing your iCafe Business, business owners may need to equip the necessary PC troubleshooting skills.

To cut cost on maintaining your iCafe Business, business owners need to learn PC troubleshooting skills.

According to some inputs from computer technicians in the group, the cost of fixing a computer ranges from Php 500 up to Php 1,000. So if you have 15 computers in your iCafe, you will be spending Php 7,500 up to Php 15,000 for the repair alone. How many times a single computer got infected with a virus? I don’t  know. But it could get as often like more than twice a month or more even though you have the best anti-virus installed. Not to mention that you have to patch each online games each time a new game client version was released.

Ok. Diskless technology got you covered with that. Problem solved. But how about other problems like replacing busted power supply unit (PSU) or toasted CPU? How about setting up the diskless LAN? How about maintaining and updating the diskless client workstation images? How about maintaining the server containing the client images?

Which makes you more frustrated… your computer that never seems to work properly, or spending hundreds of dollars repairing it each year? What if I told you that you can save hundreds of dollars by simply fixing your computer yourself, and easily learn how to prevent future virus attacks and other mishaps? Announcing: The Amazing Computer Repair Videos that have Helped Thousands of People from Over 15 Countries Finally Fix Their PCs Once and For All… Without Ever Again Having to Go and Get Ripped Off at the Local Repair Shop!

The perfect answer to these questions is that iCafe business owners should be equipped with the necessary skills to fix, maintain and troubleshoot a computer. So how will you do that? While you can just search the Google verse for free documents containing the topics that you need, I highly suggest that you purchase eBooks or training videos. By purchasing similar materials for your self-training, you have complete control on your time spent learning to fix computers. What’s more important is that you have something in your possession to refer back to whenever you forgot something.

Whatever you have in mind for you to equip your self to become technically skillful in fixing computers, just do it. Just keep in mind what Benjamin Franklin said – ‘An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest’. Good luck!

For those iCafe owners out there who wants to hire me in setting up your Diskless workstations to lessen your maintenance costs, just contact me via email or you can post it here in the comments section.

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