The Next Ruler of the Gadget World – Google Glass or iWatch?

The Next Ruler of the Gadget World – Google Glass or iWatch?

Mar 11, 2013

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The gadget world is full of surprises and wonders coming from different innovators racing against one another to get the world’s attention. There’s the Google Glass, transparent phone, bendable/flexible displays, iWatch smartwatch or iCompanion, desktop PC Android tablet hybrid, phablets etc. Though all of them enhance our experience in consuming the cyberspace, I think that the iWatch, Google Glass and other wearable technologies were the next innovations to plague the gadget world.

Wearable technologies like the smartwatch ‘iWatch’ concept from the Cupertino HQ could help anyone wearing the device to easily glance on their watch for different notifications pouring in. Without such device, users have to put out his/her tablet or smartphone each time an SMS or Facebook update arrives. Though you can use existing feature like ‘Silent Mode’, you can easily missed important messages that might require your utmost attention. For busy people that are always on the go, the iWatch could become a perfect companion for their smartphone or tablet giving them the convenience they need by just tapping on their wrist to keep updated.

1x1.trans The Next Ruler of the Gadget World – Google Glass or iWatch?

iWatch smartwatch could be the perfect companion for smartphones and tablets.

With Google Glass, the approach is somehow different wherein the information seems to be always available for consumption. The downside of this wearable tech from Google is that it could sometimes become obtrusive in your daily routine. This is because notifications and other information coming literally across (your eyes) could disrupt you from what you are currently doing. Though can be fix using icons and other similar means of notifying the user, something that is in front of your eyes can still be obtrusive at a particular level. As a result, a Google Glass user might end up not using it during meetings or while reading their favorite book. But of course different people have different preferences so what I’m saying here could be different once Google Glass made it in the store shelves.

For sure, the iWatch and Google Glass won’t be limited to notifications but will go beyond and might include apps found on today’s smartphones. It might include a music player, GPS functions, fitness apps found on Nike+ Fuel band, weather, maps, as a security device lock and other similar functions that can be extended or projected to these wearable devices.

1x1.trans The Next Ruler of the Gadget World – Google Glass or iWatch?

Google Glass features might include video recording, map viewer, gps, social media integration etc.

Between the two, I think that the iWatch concept from Apple will gain the most attention. First, anyone can easily adapt to wearing a watch. On the other hand wearing a glass might not be possible for anyone especially for people with eye-related problems. Second, more possibly that more apps will be developing on iWatch making it more preferable device companion for your smartphone or tablet. But since Google has a more functional voice command compared to Apple’s Siri, this could somehow make the situation different.

The iWatch and Google Glass was expected to be available before the year end. Which of the two would you prefer? Do you like wearing an iWatch or a Google Glass? Or would you prefer them both? Don’t you know that you can now you can now buy similar smart watch like the iWatch? Tell us what you think by posting your comments below.

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