Solve PC/Laptop Driver Update Problems using SlimDrivers

Solve PC/Laptop Driver Update Problems using SlimDrivers

Feb 23, 2013

Lately, I’ve been experiencing system crash and unexpected reboot on my Dell Vostro laptop. There are times that my LAN connection suddenly disconnected for unknown reasons. Also there are times that my LAN/Internet connection suddenly becomes sluggish affecting my DOTA/DOTA 2 and Ragnarok 2 game play. But the worst thing that happened to me is when my laptop suddenly shutdown ruining my Ragnarok 2 Dungeon party. So I start checking for malwares on my laptop using Malwarebytes, but I found nothing. I also tried scanning the system for viruses that might be interfering but the scan results yields nothing. After spending a couple of hours checking the system for suspicious software, I then turn my attention to old system drivers that needs updating for best system performance.

How do you update your PC/laptop’s hardware drivers? Do you use Windows Update hoping that all your system drivers will be updated in one swoop? Or do you manually update each system driver using the Device Manager that would be a hit or miss clicking on each item one by one? I say that this is a hit or miss because your success in solving this type of problem using Device Manager depends on the availability of a particular driver for your desktop computer or laptop. And going through all the devices listed in the Device Manager would take you ages updating all of them.

SlimDrivers can solve system driver upate problems in Windows easily.

SlimDrivers offers a neat and colorful GUI window for updating system drivers quickly.

Introducing SlimDrivers, a software utility tool that can help you solve system driver update problem easily and automatically. You might not know this, but system drivers needs to updated regularly so that a desktop computer or laptop will be stable enough to support critical system processes as well as third-party applications use for work, games and/or entertainment. To use this software you need to download it first via CNET download page and then install. After the installation, you might need to restart your PC or laptop computer before you run this software tool for the first time.

Upon launching the SlimDrivers, you will see a neat and colorful GUI window similar to the image above. Click ‘Start Scan’ button to start scanning for system drivers that needs updating. The process could take long depending on your system’s configuration. Make sure that you have an Internet connection so that this tool can search for the appropriate drivers needed for the update process. After the scanning process, a list of system drivers will be shown that is group in different category. To update each item, you need to click ‘Download Update’ or ‘Ignore’ to skip the update process.

SlimDrivers can solve the hassle of updating system drivers easily.

SlimDrivers can solve the hassle of updating system drivers easily.

What will happen next is that this tool will search online using its own database and download it on your computer. It will then extract the files if necessary and launch the software update program and install the drivers automatically. But sometimes, you will need to click ‘Next’ or ‘Finish’ for some software update program to finish the update process. After the updating process, you will be instructed to reboot your system so that changes will be applied.

Isn’t that easy? If you’re looking for a ‘more’ automated process of automating the downloading and installing of the system driver on your laptop or desktop computer, you can try purchasing the full version of SlimDrivers. This software tool can be installed on Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 and above. Additionally, SlimDrivers also supports 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.

What do you think of SlimDrivers? Do you have a similar tool installed on your computer? How does it compare to SlimDrivers? Tell us what you think by posting your comments below.

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