Samsung Unveils New LED Smart TV with Quad-core Chip

Samsung Unveils New LED Smart TV with Quad-core Chip

Feb 7, 2013

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Samsung recently announced a new range of LED Smart TVs that is expected to set the bar higher (again) in the Smart TV industry. Dubbed as the Samsung F8500, the LED Smart TV from Samsung features a powerful processor that will bring the best TV watching experience. Additionally, the Samsung F8500 will be hosting additional functionality and features via the upgraded UI (user interface) for a more user friendly TV environment.

“We are really excited about our new premium Smart TV products,” said Robert King, Vice President of Consumer Electronics at Samsung Electronic UK and Ireland. “Every year our customers’ expectations get higher and higher and we’re proud to be in a position to deliver exactly what they are looking for and more in terms of quality, functionality, features and sophisticated design.”

The frame and stand of the Samsung F8500 is crafted from a single sheet of aluminum that somehow forced Samsung engineers and designers to make the camera retractable. The reason behind this is to preserve the seamless design of the Samsung F8500.

1x1.trans Samsung Unveils New LED Smart TV with Quad core Chip

Samsung recently announced a new range of LED Smart TVs that is expected to set the bar higher (again) in the Smart TV industry

Available in 46-inch and 55-inch versions, the Samsung F8500 features an Intelligent Viewing functionality. This new Smart TV feature adjusts the picture quality automatically depending on the content being viewed at any moment. There’s also the new S-Recommendation feature that allows any user to issue Smart TV commands via voice to interact with the media content. This will complement the existing Motion Control feature of the Samsung F8500 that allows pinching, swiping and flipping motions.

Samsung F8500 sports an on-board quad-core SoC (system-on-chip), navigating via the UI along with the integrated apps will be more responsive compared to previous models. According to Samsung, the F8500 is one of the first Samsung Smart TV models to bring this kind of processing power that will also make accessing high-definition media content much faster.

Pricing and availability of the Samsung F8500 is not yet known. But the company said that it will be available in the second quarter of this year and pricing will be dictated by each retailer.

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