How to Play & Level Up in Ragnarok 2 [Game Tips]

How to Play & Level Up in Ragnarok 2 [Game Tips]

Jan 16, 2013

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I already did try searching online desperately looking for some guide or topic that will somehow teach me how to play the game or more specifically ‘survive’ the game. Unfortunately I failed. Without any knowledge on how to play Ragnarok 2 Online, I just create my character choosing Swordsman class and Blacksmith as my character’s job. But to my surprise when I started playing the game, most of the information that you need in playing the game were constantly displayed on the screen. So you really have to pay attention to the screen ‘messages’ popping in and out so that you will know what to press on your keyboard whenever you needed something. This could be the map (‘M’), character info (‘C’), quests (‘L’), mount(‘I), items (‘B’) etc. So this is my first tip, pay attention to those screen messages. It will really help a lot.

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Completing a quest can help you level up much faster and acquire free items.

You now already have your chosen character and now ready to be immersed in the world of Ragnarok 2. So now what? Where do we start? At this point in time, most newbies in Ragnarok 2 can become confused on where to go or what to do. So my advice here is that you need to know how to navigate around. To move around, you can use WASD key on your keyboard and the scroll wheel on your mouse. To access items on your inventory, fight with monsters, talk to a NPC (non-playable characters like merchants etc.), pick up a dropped item from dead monsters etc. you can use right-click button on your mouse.

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Now that you can move around, the first thing that should come to your mind is how to level up your RO2 character and acquire items. While you can choose to fight with monsters the first time you were ‘spawned’ in the game, this is not the right thing to do. Believe me, I already tried this. If you do that, playing the game will become painful that you might think playing RO2 is very difficult.

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Quests are given by NPC recognizable as characters with exclamation point or question mark.

After doing some trial and error, I found out that completing a ‘quest’ is much faster in terms of leveling up (via EXP rewards) and at the same time acquiring free items, rupees and zennies. Items such as potions, armor, headgear, cards etc. were obtainable during a quest. Also, items obtained when used can boost your character’s attributes like strength (STR), agility (AGI), intelligence (INT), vitality (VIT) etc. To learn more about the different attributes and how it can affect your character’s attack damage, health etc. you can visit the Stats Calculator so that you will know where to spend those stats.

So to level up easily and get free items, my advice here is to pay attention to the yellow markings with (‘!’) on your map. Why? Because those are the quests that you need to accomplish that in such a way designed to help a Ragnarok 2 player to level up and ‘progress’ in the game. During each quest, a RO2 player might encounter some ‘boss’ monsters that somehow you can’t finish on your own. Though it’s really possible by stacking some heal potions, most of the time you will need the help of other players. How? Sometimes, you just have to hang around and wait for other players to come and invite them on a party.

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Creating or joining a party can help you complete a quest much easier.

Party is the term used when Ragnarok 2 players form a group to finish a given quest or khara challenge. If you’re lucky, other players will invite you to join them. This is done by clicking on the character of the player then right-click on the image that will appear at the top most center of your screen then select ‘Invite’. For the invited player, a prompt will appear on the screen giving him a choice to accept it or not.

What we have discussed so far are just the basics. If I missed something really important here, just post your comment below and I will be glad to include them here. By the way, always bring a scroll (or butterfly wing?) with you especially if you’re more of an adventurous type wanderer going to uncharted places in Ragnarok 2. Because in some odd cases, you might encounter some places that you can’t get out no matter how hard you try. So by right-clicking on the scroll or butterfly wing, you will be able to escape that ‘eternal death’. Here’s another tip, if your connection is slow do not attempt to fight boss monsters. If you do, your character will die before you even know it.

1x1.trans How to Play & Level Up in Ragnarok 2 [Game Tips]

Using the Map wisely can save you time moving around during a quest.

Another tip that I will give you is that when you’re low on HP (health), just press ‘X’ to make the character sit. The rate of healing will change from 2 to 4 (rate depends on your current class level, STR and VIT) allowing your character to heal much faster. Or if you’re a Blacksmith and you want to save time, just head to the nearest ore and mine it to level up your job.

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As my final piece of advice, use the map more often to plan which quest you will take first. This will save you time from moving around doing errands from NPCs. Also if you already have 9 gold coins, bought yourself a peco-peco mount at the Prontera castle entrance. This will give you a boost when moving around the map and will also allow you to escape monsters from attacking you from behind.

If you can add something here, feel free to post them as comments and I will be glad to include them here. For more info just visit the official website of Ragnarok 2. Happy gaming!

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