How to Download, Install & Play Ragnarok 2 Online

How to Download, Install & Play Ragnarok 2 Online

Jan 8, 2013

Happy New Year folks! As you can see this is my first post for this year, why? It’s because I’ve been into online gaming lately. Computer games has always been a part of my life since my childhood days so when I started playing games, I really get attached to it and it’s hard for me to move away from it quickly. What online games did I play this holiday season? Well I started off with my favorite DOTA 2 as Zeus or Kunkka. Then when I heard of Ragnarok 2 Legend of the Second became available this year, I quickly switched to playing this game.

Honestly, I’m a noob in this game so I read a lot of RO2 forum thread first before playing this game. I then found out that the game is currently in Open Beta stages so anyone can’t really play for now. Reading some forum threads gave me a hint that some IP addresses from countries are blocked but others would just say that it isn’t. Currently, RO2 players from Southeast Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand are allowed to play the game. Other players from other countries like Indonesia and Philippines were allegedly banned via IP blocking. Maybe because of the huge population of Ragnarok 2 players originating from there? I really don’t know. 😉

How to Download Install Play Ragnarok 2 Online

How to Download Install Play Ragnarok 2 Online

To find out the truth, I quickly go to the ‘Download’ section of Ragnarok 2. To play the game you need to download a couple of files including of course the Ragnarok 2 client software, manual patch and patch fix files. Downloading the RO2 client will take you 4 to 5 hours at the minimum because it’s approximately 4GB in size. So the best way to download the huge R02 client software is via BitTorrent (or other torrent downloader) so that you can resume your download even if your Internet connection got disconnected for some very odd reasons. There’s no torrent file for the patch and patch fix. So you have to download it manually via links provided at the Ragnarok 2 site.

Take note that whenever there’s a patch released, you have to download and apply the patch so that you can easily update your Ragnarok 2 client. While it can be updated by launching the client software before playing the game, manually downloading and applying the patch is much faster.

Ragnarok 2 Online Legend of the Second - Updater and Config window

Ragnarok 2 Online Legend of the Second – Updater and Config window

Before installing the game, you need to register for your PlayID first at the RO2 site. You will need your email address during the registration. After downloading the required files and registering for a PlayID, install Ragnarok 2 client first then execute the ‘manual patch’ followed by the ‘patch fix’. To avoid problems, just leave all the options to default settings. The game will launch automatically after executing the ‘patch fix’. But to manually launch the game, just click the RO2 icon created on your desktop or Programs Menu.

Before the actual Ragnarok 2 client software, there’s at least three GUI window you need to get pass thru. First is the launcher that looks like small rectangular progress bar window, it updates all the necessary patches needed by the RO2 client. Then a larger GUI window will appear with a blue ‘Start’ button that also looks like updater software. Besides the ‘Start’ button is another button used to change the ‘window’ settings of the RO2 client. You can either set it to ‘Fullscreen’ or ‘Window’ and also allows you to change your preferred resolution.

Ragnarok 2 Online Legend of the Second - PlayID login window

Ragnarok 2 Online Legend of the Second – PlayID login window

After clicking the ‘Start’ button, the third GUI window will appear that serves as your login page. It’s actually a web page so make sure that your default web browser is currently configured to use your current Internet connection. Just provide your email address and password that you previously registered as your PlayID account. Hit the ‘Login’ button to continue. If all goes well, you will be seeing a Ragnarok 2 logo at the center. For first time users, you will be asked to provide a 4-PIN password. After setting it up, you will be presented with a list of Ragnarok 2 Online Servers.

Currently there’s 3 servers that you can choose from; Freyja, Einherjar and Jomunguard. After selecting a server, a list of channels will appear. By the looks of its color (green, orange, red) you can at least judge how many RO2 players are online. Sometimes you will see ‘FULL’ instead indicating that the channel is no longer accepting players. After selecting a channel, you will then proceed to creating your character.

Ragnarok 2 Online Legend of the Second - 4 PIN

Ragnarok 2 Online Legend of the Second – 4 PIN

For RO2 players from other countries (USA, Indonesia, Philippines etc.), you can still play Ragnarok 2 Online using VPN software that will act as your proxy. One good example that is free to download is ‘Hotspot Shield’. Just install the software and follow the instructions that includes updating your ‘hosts’ file.

If I missed something here, just post your comment below and I will be glad to update this post. By the way, I already finished posting by Ragnarok 2 Basic Tips that will somehow give you an idea on how to progress through the game. Good luck!

Pssst! Need RO2 Cash to buy costumes, dye, runes, power package, phantom stone, VIP Package, mounts etc.? Then check out this page to know more.

TIP: For me I think that Hotspot Shield is the best free VPN around. But if you want to try other VPN software as a replacement for Hotspot Shield, feel free to check this link. It simply lists the best free anonymous VPN softwares available. Here’s another tip for those Ragnarok 2 gamers out there looking for some guide or info on the different classes and their skills, just visit or portal. Finally, to determine the resulting HP or SP or ATK this Ragnarok 2 Online Stats calculator is very useful. Happy gaming!

UPDATE: March 20, 2013 I did say that Hotspot Shield is the best free VPN that you can use to play Ragnarok 2 wherever you are. But after experiencing a lot of game crash that almost ruin my raid/party/weapon hunt/PvP/PvE, I give WTFast a try. After using WTFast for 2 weeks, I can’t remember when was the last time I got disconnected from the game. There are lags but it is mostly an issue on the game server itself and not my Internet connection. The only problem with this is that you’re only allowed to use the trial service for 30 days. But if you want to subscribe for a monthly service, you only have to pay $5.99. Have you tried using WTFast? Give WTFast a try and you’ll see.

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