How to Transfer Music & Other Media Files to iPad without iTunes

How to Transfer Music & Other Media Files to iPad without iTunes

Dec 12, 2012

A couple of days ago, I was given the task of queuing up the music needed by each performer in our department’s Christmas party. So I think of the best possible way to execute the task easily that I end up searching for software that I could use. During my search, I stumbled upon an iPad application called Touch DJ Evolution that has a lot of positive reviews. The interface looks cool so I decided to download the iOS app on my iPad 2 to give it a try. After spending a couple of minutes with the app, I decided to purchase the full version of the app because the free version does not include the ability to import music from your iTunes library. It costs me around $4.99 in buying the full version of Touch DJ Evolution.

Previously I was using DiskAid and FileApp to transfer music like MP3, movies and other files on my iPad 2 without using iTunes. But after trying to import files using the Touch DJ Evolution, the app seems to have no means of navigating to the folders created by FileApp within the iPad 2 that contains the music files needed. The Touch DJ Evolution app can only browse to your iTunes Music Library so I have to find some way to import files directly to the iTunes Music library without using iTunes.

MediaMonkey has a lot of features that includes transferring files to Apple devices without iTunes

MediaMonkey has a lot of features that includes transferring files to Apple devices without iTunes.

Then I found MediaMonkey.  It is a desktop application that has a lot of features like ripping music from your CD, edit MP3 tags and titles etc. But what I like most with this desktop software is that you can synch and transfer almost every media file on your computer to your music library in your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Just browse for that file using the MediaMonkey interface then right-cllick on that file then choose ‘Send To’ then choose your Apple device. Just make sure that your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone is connected to your laptop or desktop computer for the transfer to be successful. Also make sure that your iTunes is not running because sometimes it will prevent the successful transfer of files.

Compared to FileApp and DiskAid, I think that MediaMonkey is the best desktop application for transferring, importing and synching media files between your computer and iPad/iPod Touch/iPhone without using iTunes. This will allow you to put your own choice of media files especially music files without having to purchase them from iTunes Store. Also this will allow you to put your own remixes of music that is intended for special occasions like birthdays and Christmas parties.

MediaMonkey you do all the needs and tasks around your music files reliably, easily and in no time. The best music manager-rounder created, imported, managed, and not only plays all types of music files, but also allows you to easily manufacture all kinds of audio files like MP3, AAC, OGG, M4A, WMA and more. to manage and organize. Whether you want to export or burn your songs to an iPod or MP3 player, or simply want to keep all the different music formats with only one program at a glance – MediaMonkey is just the right software solution for your PC! The program is equally suitable, such as for music professionals and DJs for beginners – the easy-to-understand user interface and many features inspire even the most seasoned music fans! With the clear structure of MediaMonkey music files (title, artist, album title, year, genre, etc.) are arranged according to different characteristics and are easy to find. The special feature of MediaMonkey also manages large music collections (over 50,000 songs) easily, no matter what music formats are.

What app do you prefer in playing your huge list of music during special events like Christmas party? What app do you prefer in importing media files on your iPad/iPod Touch/iPhone music library without using iTunes? Please share us your experiences by posting your comments below. Have a nice day!

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  1. Brigette Then /

    Thanks for the tips! I was looking for a way to do a similar workflow like yours. Using iTunes software is a pain. I was hoping an alternative software is available for my old Mac OS instead. Unable to upgrade Mac OS version and latest iTunes unless I buy a new Mac! Ridiculous.

    • NUTC24CK32 /

      Yeah, but that is how the world works for Apple. Their great only when you’re gadget is new but when it becomes obsolete bye bye tech support. 🙂

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