Connect a USB Keyboard on Android Device via USB OTG

Connect a USB Keyboard on Android Device via USB OTG

Nov 29, 2012

Let’s admit it. Physical keyboards are better than virtual on-screen keyboards that occupies much of the screen display of a tablet or smartphone. Also when you need to do some heavy typing you’re out of luck using on-screen keyboard that tends to slow you down in the process. Having said this, attaching or connecting a physical keyboard is really the best way to solve this problem. With physical keyboards typing would be as fast and smooth as possible allowing you to finish a whole article or email message in a breeze.

USB OTG (on-th-go) cables can be used to connect USB keyboards to your Android devices

USB OTG (on-th-go) cables can be used to connect USB keyboards to your Android devices

Connecting physical keyboards can be done using wired or wireless connection. But if you will opt to use Bluetooth connections you are forced to bring batteries and/or charger with you that might add some bulk on your bag. Additionally, wireless connections tend to deplete your smartphone’s battery juice quickly especially if you’re only using Bluetooth 2.0 and below. In this case, you might just want to choose connecting physical keyboards on your smartphone or tablet via USB cable. But how can we connect a USB keyboard on your Android device?

Currently the only way to do this is by purchasing a small piece of cable called USB OTG. It has a micro-USB port on one end and a standard USB port on the other. You can buy a USB OTG (On-the-Go) online for less than a $1 and have it shipped on your location. Since it’s just a small piece of cable, shipping fee might not that expensive for you to handle. After purchasing the said USB OTG cable all you have to do is to plug in your USB keyboard via the USB OTG cable on your Android smartphone or tablet device. Take note that there’s no rooting required for this to work.

LIFETIME WARRANTY!! Our Micro USB OTG Cable has an unconditional LIFETIME warranty. Simply return the cable to us and we’ll send you TWO new replacements free of charge. Contact us through the email address provided on the cable label for replacement or support. The T & S Electronics (TM) Micro USB OTG cable is solidly built, has sturdy connectors, high quality COPPER wiring and is the highest quality USB OTG cable you can get. This is reflected in the fact it is also the highest rated OTG cable on Amazon! Our OTG Cable has a small but tough “L” shaped connector to better accommodate using your devices with stands and cases (see image above). Much better than the cables by major manufacturers (over-sized connectors). Tested and works perfectly with the Google Nexus 7, Acer Iconia A510, Galaxy S II, Xoom, Toshiba Excite AT305 and other devices that support USB Host mode. Please be sure your device supports USB OTG before ordering! Your device may need to be rooted to use external memory! With this Micro USB OTG cable, you can access most USB Flash Drives, Mouse, Keyboard, etc. This USB OTG Cable also works with external hard drives! Now you can carry 250,000+ songs, over 1000 HD movies, or a LOT of other data anywhere and access it on your tablet or phone! (device dependent)

Previously we showed you an article on how you can connect a USB device on a Google Nexus 7 tablet. The same USB OTG was used but in conjunction with a Google Play application called Nexus Media Importer. This Android app is developed by HoneySoft and will allow you to transfer files from a USB storage device to your Google Nexus 7 tablet. Let’s make it clear that you cannot write files on your USB storage devices. If you want you can check this out by visiting this post here.


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