Gigabyte Unveils Aivia Osmium Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Gigabyte Unveils Aivia Osmium Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Oct 22, 2012

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A new gaming keyboard emerges from Gigabyte HQ that is meant to be coupled with the Aivia Krypton dual-chassis gaming mouse introduce earlier by the company’s peripheral arm. Dubbed as the Aivia Osmium, this gaming keyboard features a Cherry Red mechanical key switches that is capable of providing superior tactile response. Thanks to the reduced key actuation distance at 2mm that makes it possible for the Aivia Osmium to provide faster response time but remains as silent as possible.

The Aivia Osmium gaming keyboard is connected via a USB 3.0 cable to the computer. To avoid USB 3.0 ports from depletion on your computer, Gigabyte is very kind enough to include an extra USB 3.0 port on the keyboard for use by other USB devices. According to Gigabyte, the Aivia Osmium gaming keyboard can withstand up to 50 million key press with an average lifespan that is 10 times compared to conventional keyboards.

1x1.trans Gigabyte Unveils Aivia Osmium Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The Aivia Osmium gaming keyboard is made for gamers who want a customizable game profile.

“The blue Platinum group metal ‘Osmium’ is the heaviest element at normal conditions. It’s hard, rare and noble nature represents ultra durability and luxury of Aivia Osmium mechanical gaming keyboard. It not only features Cherry Red mechanical key switches but it is also exclusive built with an USB 3.0 hub.” –Gigabyte

Similar to the previously release Aivia Krypton gaming mouse this Gigabyte gaming keyboard also features anti-ghosting capabilities powered by Ghost engine. It allows advance gamers to record macros and quickly switch between  macros for adaptation to different type of games.

“Especially designed for gamers, Aivia Osmium provides five individual macro keys and five different gaming profiles for a customized game experience,” a Gigabyte representative added.

For more info regarding the newest gaming keyboard from Gigabyte, please visit the site here.

The Aivia Krypton gaming mouse features a revolutionary new dual mouse chassis design which allows for a hot-swappable mouse chassis giving the user unparalleled freedom by changing fundamental mouse movement and dynamics to best fit any application.

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