Facebook Auto-Like via Graph API Explorer Hack

Facebook Auto-Like via Graph API Explorer Hack

Oct 5, 2012

A few days ago, Zuckerberg and his team already weeds out fake Facebook likes and bogus accounts to keep the Facebook world sane. But with the recent discovery of a group of Facebook developers, it looks like Facebook security team has to weed out the bad apples again. In the said discovery, the developers found out that it is possible to increase Facebook likes spontaneously by just sharing a URL link publicly even without having to click the shared link. According to a video posted to prove the claims, you can increase Facebook likes at a rate of 1,800 likes per hour.

Facebook like can be considered as a vote of anything you publicly shared on the number one social media networking site. Also ‘liking’ a video, image, blog post or a web page is something that we do actively and manually. That is, a Facebook user needs to click the Like button that somehow creates a ‘connection’ between the user and the shared resource.

Facebook auto-like hack via Facebook Graph API Explorer

Facebook auto-like hack via Facebook Graph API Explorer

The Facebook auto-like hack is somehow different to how ‘Facebook likes’ works and poses a social problem that automatically associates an unknowing Facebook user to a shared resource he or she didn’t want to get associated with in the first place. If you found a web page or blog post that somehow you didn’t like in the first place, you can send a message to the Facebook security team to report the problem.

The hack was discovered by KillSwitch.me and Sejwa.com developers using Facebook’s own Graph API Explorer. In the video, you will see that a link is associated with some kind of ‘id’ representing a Facebook user or Facebook page. To increase the Facebook likes, all you have to do is to click ‘Submit’ to simulate a Facebook user viewing a particular image in the shared link posted publicly.

In reality, I think that this hack will be implemented via a tempting picture of a beautiful woman or anything similar that will somehow urged you to immediately click the fraudulent link. Facebook already sent a response to the matter (via Gizmodo) explaining that Facebook auto-like via Graph API Explorer hack only affects social plugins and not the like count of Facebook pages. But I still believe that hackers will find a way to circumvent the idea to make it work to increase the likes of a particular Facebook page.

The Facebook auto-like hack came from Hacker News with a YouTube video attached to it. But as of this posting, the video is no longer available. To see how it works, see the video below uploaded to Vimeo.com site.

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