Are You Ready for the Next Big Shift in the Cyberspace?

Are You Ready for the Next Big Shift in the Cyberspace?

Oct 20, 2012

I just want to share my excitement with you regarding how we (Filipinos) are adapting to the cyberspace and how we can earn from the next big change. Filipinos was considered to be highly sociable and warm. Because of this, mobile phones became popular that almost every family member owns a mobile phone and used it very much often for communication by sending SMS or text message. Did you know that Philippines was previously known as the texting capital of the world during the late 1990s until the early 2000s? Based on information gathered in 2009, there’s roughly 80% of the Filipino population sending SMS at a rate of 1.39 billion per day.

While most Filipinos still prefer SMS for affordable communications, it seems today that more and more are shifting to social networks for social updates. In April 2011, Philippines ranked the highest spot on comScore Media Metrix with the highest share of time spent of 41.3 percent. This is attributed to the fact that 92.9 percent of the total Philippine population spent most of their time updating their Facebook profile or posting wall messages to update their friends.

As you can see, the Filipinos shifted from SMS to spending online on the Internet via social networking site such as Facebook. This huge market shift is fueled by a constant network infrastructure upgrades and innovations coming from the two Internet service provider giants – Globe and Smart. As mobile network technology changes and mobile devices continue to bring better lives to the Filipino people, we can assume that this huge market will shift again and consume a part of the cyberspace. The only problem is that we don’t know what technology will be involved or when the huge shift will occur. Could it be that the Internet TV technology is the next big thing?

The Philippines Spends Highest Share of Time on Social Networking Across Markets

The Philippines Spends Highest Share of Time on Social Networking Across Markets

Given that there will be changes on how we consume the cyberspace, prepaid services was still the best option for most Filipinos wanting to have their own piece of the Internet at a very affordable cost. For this matter, aren’t you excited that you can earn from this very huge market? What is the total population of the Philippines?

With the help from eLoadXpress and LoadCentral, you can sell load wallet to every mobile phone user at a very affordable cost by joining eLoadXpress to become a LoadCentral sub-dealer or retailer. Why join eLoadXpress? Because of affordable membership fee of Php 299, you can now become a LoadCentral sub-dealer instead of paying LoadCentral with Php 20,000. As a dealer, you can convert all mobile phone users to retailers (and earn 100 for each retailer activation) that can enjoy lifetime discount of up to 25% on e-loading using the one-SIM load all technology.

On the other hand, becoming an eLoadXpress sub-dealer will give you a chance to earn more by working hard to promote eLoadXpress nationwide. Did you know that you can earn a total of Php 30,000 per day under the network marketing program of eLoadXpress? That’s a total of Php 900,000 per month! Of course all eLoadXpress sub-dealers have to work hard for it and spend put a relative amount of effort and time to promote the product.

But is it hard to sell e-load wallet in a country that is dominated by Internet services fueled by prepaid services? Think again. In the years to come, I envisioned a mobile phone powered community capable of self e-loading and enjoying a lifetime discount on e-load. Are you ready for the next big shift? Act now before it’s too late. With proper discipline, determination and hard work I believe that you can earn your way to your first Million by joining eLoadXpress.

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