Plantronics Bluetooth Headset Features Voice Recognition Technology

Plantronics Bluetooth Headset Features Voice Recognition Technology

Sep 19, 2012

Plantronics, the makers of Bluetooth headset now introduces a new and improved Voyager Legend that will surely delighted both the gamers and road warriors. The 5th generation Voyager Legend features a more enhanced voice recognition technology allowing you to issue commands using your voice. Also this headset now comes with a longer battery life that can last up to 7 hours. If you already have the older version, you might notice that the 5th generation Voyager Legend can last 1 hour longer. The enhancements described above means that you can now enjoy longer talk time and a more enhanced gaming experience.

Internally, the new Voyager Legend includes three mics instead of two that will significantly improve the audio reception for better communication. Though you might guess that these features will need more room making the Bluetooth headset somewhat bigger, no it is not. According to Plantronics, the new Voyager Legend is 25 percent smaller than its predecessor. This includes the in-ear fit whose size remains unchanged. It supports Bluetooth 3.0 and 4.0 that makes it a low-power consuming device.

Plantronics unveils Voyager Legend Bluetooth headset with enhanced voice recognition technology

Plantronics unveils Voyager Legend Bluetooth headset with enhanced voice recognition technology

We mentioned before that this Bluetooth headset features an enhanced voice recognition technology, because it is now smarter than before. For example, if you’re not wearing the headset upon receiving an incoming call, you only need to put on the headset and the headset will automatically picks up the call. This is different to other Bluetooth headset that you nned to press a button to answer an incoming call. Alternatively, you can opt to redirect the call to your mobile phone if you want to. For accepting or rejecting calls, you can issue voice commands such as ‘answer’ or ‘ignore’ without pressing any buttons.

The new Voyager Legend Bluetooth headset also includes extra voice commands that allow you to check the remaining juice left (‘check battery’) and command the device to pair (‘pair me’) with another Bluetooth device. But unlike the previous commands used for incoming calls, you need to press a button for these commands. Also there’s an additional bonus feature included in the new Voyager Legend. It has the ability to announce the name of the caller given that the phone number associated with it is already in your contact list.

For Android users, Plantronics included a ‘Find My Headset’ app that uses tones and geolocation to help you find your headset in case you left it somewhere else.

The 5th generation Voyager Legend Bluetooth headset is now available at $100. If you want a desktop stand and a charging case for the sake of convenience, you can buy them that are priced at $30.

What is your Bluetooth headset? Is it at par with the new Voyager Legend headset? What do you think of the new Voyager Legend Bluetooth headset? Share with us your Bluetooth headset experience by posting your comments below.

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