The New iPod Touch – A Mix of iPhone 5 & iPhone 4S

The New iPod Touch – A Mix of iPhone 5 & iPhone 4S

Sep 14, 2012

The iPod Touch caters all Apple fans wanting to have all the features of an iPhone except for one thing – expensive phone contract with a service provider. That is, all they want is to enjoy the same touchscreen to play games, listen to their music, watch videos etc. As you can see this marketing strategy by Apple seems to target a chunk of the total population with less spending power. This group of people could be kids, students or those people that are ‘wise’ that utilizes cheaper phones for their voice calling and texting requirement.

Just like the iPhone 5 and iPod Nano, the iPod Touch also receives a complete redesigned from Apple engineers. Instead of plastic and glass, the iPod Touch comes in an anodized aluminum enclosure giving it a more professional look and feels smooth and light holding it in your hands.

New iPod Touch with Retina Display

New iPod Touch with Retina Display

The best thing about the new iPod Touch is that it features a touchscreen display similar to the iPhone 5 having the same 1136 x 640 pixel dimensions in a 4 inch screen. This means that you can also play HD games and videos on the new iPod Touch giving yourself a real iPhone 5 experience. However, if your favorite game is not yet redesigned to fit in the new screen you will be a little disappointed seeing black bars at the top and bottom of the screen. Game developers should really catch up with Apple and redesigned their game apps for the new iPod Touch.

The new iPod Touch has a few good additions too in terms of hardware enhancements. One of this is the inclusion of a still camera on its video-only camera at 5 megapixels that works like the camera found on the iPhone 4S. Apple fans and casual point and shooters alike will be surely delighted with this upgrade.

New iPod Touch - Redesigned

New iPod Touch – Redesigned

To support the enhancements and upgrades on the new iPod Touch, Apple has put in a powerful A5 dual-core processor similar to the cores found on the iPhone 4S. This should not pose a problem thinking that the iPhone 5 could be powered a quad-core chip. But if there are issues that will pop-up soon, we’ll keep you updated.

Connectivity options of the new iPod Touch includes the new Lighting port, Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi and a headphone jack.The new iPod Touch, the iPhone without a phone comes in five colors that includes yellow, red, white, blue and black and should be expected to be available anytime soon.

New iPod Touch in 5 colors

New iPod Touch in 5 colors

By the way, the ‘S’ in the iPhone 4S is now available in the iPod Touch – Siri. I am not sure though if it will function well enough in a limited WiFi connection in the new iPod Touch. However this is still a good addition to the new iPod Touch for those people wanting to have a digital voice assistant.

What do you think of the new iPod Touch? Will the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S mix of features work? Tell us what you think by posting your comments below.

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