iPhone 5 Blueprints Now Available for Download

iPhone 5 Blueprints Now Available for Download

Sep 16, 2012

Do want to make money out of the new iPhone 5 popularity? If you’re planning to plunge into the world of smartphone business, then you should take this opportunity and plan right away. In case you don’t know, it seems that Apple has made a huge commercial success on their iPhone 5 launch. This is evident because of overwhelming pre-orders happening in different parts of the world. Even Apple itself admits that they were astounded with customer’s request that easily depleted their stock of the iPhone 5.

What could this mean to a businessman like you? If the new iPhone 5 will become a hit among millions of Apple fans around the world, this could mean that the next step that Apple fans might take is to look for iPhone 5 accessories and enhancements. This could be in the form of iPhone 5 casings, pouches, touchscreen protector, headphones etc.

The iPhone 5 Schematic Diagram

The iPhone 5 Schematic Diagram

If you will be targeting the market for these iPhone 5 accessories and enhancements, then you should have a detailed specs of the iPhone that will provide you the exact dimensions that you will need. Measurements like the depth, width, height, diameter etc. that can help you in designing any iPhone 5 related product accessories.

Don’t fret with this kind of details because it looks like Apple has answered your prayers by releasing a schematic diagram of the iPhone 5. This diagram or blueprints can now be downloaded from Apple website in PDF format that contains all the necessary measurements that you might need.

With the help of the iPhone 5 blueprints or schematic diagram, you no longer have to base your decisions on leaked images sprouting from the Internet. What do you think of Apple’s move of releasing the iPhone 5 schematic diagram in public? Were they seeking the help of local markets to come up their own version of iPhone 5 enhancements and accessories?  Tell us what you think by posting your comments below.

Update: Sept. 17 2012 Apple also released the blueprints for the iPod Touch and iPod Nano for everyone to see and probably make some profit from it.

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