How To Password Protect USB Data Files

How To Password Protect USB Data Files

Sep 12, 2012

The need of a very portable external storage gives birth to the USB thumb drive or USB drive. This tiny storage device allows us to share files quickly among friends and colleagues that makes the exchange of information becomes faster. The only problem is that sometimes, the privacy of personal data files stored on these devices is lost. That is, anyone holding your USB device can quickly copy a file without your permission and you will not even notice that some of your personal files were copied. To solve this problem, you should devise a quick strategy that will password protect USB data files that are personal to you.

You might be thinking of password protecting your files as a means to protect them. Yes, that is a possible solution using archiving tools like WinZip, WinRar or 7zip. Alternatively if you’re using Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word, you can also employ some password protection because this type of file security is supported by Microsoft Office. But in the long run, password protecting different types of files is tedious and very time consuming. Though you can put it in a single zip file, this solution is not advisable because password protection in zip files can be recover using brute force. The data thief will just copy your password protected zip file and brute force the password using special type of software.

Rohos Mini Drive can password protect USB data files

Rohos Mini Drive can password protect USB data files

The true solutions to password protect USB data files can be done by using special software that will ask your password when someone tries to access the USB drive as a whole. What this mean is that your personal files will be invisible to the eyes of the thief until the correct password is provided. Most of the time, you need to have Administrator rights to use this type of software. TrueCrypt is a good example of this type of USB application.

If you don’t have Administrator rights on a computer, you will need another type of software that can still password protect USB data files. In this case you can use Rohos Mini Drive. This software can create hidden, encrypted and password protected partition of up to 2GB on your USB thumb drive using the free version. After installing the file and created a password protected and encrypted partition on your USB flash drive, a ‘Rohos Mini.exe’ file will be copied to the USB drive. You will then launch this app if you will try to access your USB drive from another computer. The application will place itself in the Windows taskbar not until you decided to ‘Disconnect’ your USB drive by right-clicking on the icon.

My Passport offers massive 2TB capacity in an amazingly small enclosure. It features ultra-fast USB 3.0 connectivity; USB 2.0 compatibility; automatic, backup software; and password protection and hardware encryption to help protect your files from unauthorized use with plenty of room to store all your files.

Another tool that can password protect USB data files is the USB Safeguard. The only difference is that for the free version, you can only use this app on USB drives that is 2GB in size.

With the help of these tools, you can password protect USB data files on your personal USB thumb drives. Do you know of similar tools that can protect your personal files on a thumb drive? Let us know by sharing your thoughts via comments below.

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