Free iPad Video Creator Software by Corel

Free iPad Video Creator Software by Corel

Sep 1, 2012

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The Apple’s iPad has its own native video creator called the iMovie. Though this iOS app works great in creating your masterpiece, it will cost you $4.99 to have an indispensable tool at your disposal. But with the introduction of this free iPad video creator by Corel, this app will cost you nothing at all. You might think that Corel’s video creator app is somewhat inferior to iMovie because it is free, but it’s not. I suggest that you take it for a spin and see for yourself if it’s worth a try.

The iOS app I’m talking about is Pinnacle Studio 2.0 for iPad, a free iPad video creator software that you can download and install for free courtesy of Corel. Previously Pinnacle Studio can be seen installed on desktop computers and quite popular to Windows users. So if you’re a previous Pinnacle Studio user, you will see that there are a lot of improvements than before. But for the new user, you will never be intimidated by the app’s straightforward interface.

1x1.trans Free iPad Video Creator Software by Corel

Pinnacle Studio 2.0 is a free iPad video creator software

Using your iPad as a video editor, maybe it’s best to choose the landscape mode instead of the portrait mode that works best if you need a larger space for your video editing needs. To create your own movie, just drag and drop a photo, video clip, transition effect, title or existing MP3 recordings to the storyboard or timeline. You can then arrange these objects in order the way you wanted them to be. If you want, you can always remove unnecessary part of a video clip or audio clip by trimming them. Additionally you can put motion and static titles and you can edit its attributes like colors, fonts and sizes to suit your needs.

After doing a lot of changes, save your movie project as a video file or export your movie project to Facebook, email it to a friend or upload it to YouTube. If you want to dig deeper into the heart of the Pinnacle Studio 2.0 for iPad, you can always consult its user guide that comes with the software.

What do you think of Pinnacle Studio 2.0 for iPad? Do you know of similar free iPad video creator software? Share your thoughts with the rest of us here by sending me a message or by posting your comments below.

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