FREE Phone Tracking For Lost Android Phone: Lookout Mobile Security

FREE Phone Tracking For Lost Android Phone: Lookout Mobile Security

Aug 9, 2012

GPS tracking capability of a particular software or service is a must have for everyone wanting to have the means of locating their lost phone. Since GPS (global positioning system) is now very common in every phone, we should make the most of this feature and use it in our advantage. So what will happen if you forgot to enable this feature? In this post I will introduce to you an Android app that will allow you to enable free phone tracking on your phone remotely. Read on.

Introducing Lookout Mobile Security, as we have said before this Android app provides free phone tracking when you lost your phone via Google map. The app also has a ‘scream’ feature allowing you to sound it aloud like an alarm even if the volume is set to low. But there’s more. It can also protect your Android phone from malwares and viruses coming from the different apps that you install. Also with Lookout mobile security you can also make an online backup of your contacts. These features are available by installing Lookout mobile security for free. You also need to create an online account (that is also free) at that will provide you remote access to your Android phone in case you lost it somewhere.

Get peach of mind with Lookout Mobile Security

For added functionalities you can upgrade your free account to a premium account providing you the best and complete security solutions it can offer. So what benefits does a Lookout premium account have?

Online Backup. Aside from online backups of all your contacts, you can also backup your pictures and call history to your Lookout account. From there you can view those files online and if needed you can transfer or restore these files to a new phone or tablet. This feature allows you to transfer your data to a new device if you can no longer recover your lost phone.  Backups are performed daily by default but you can change this setting if you want.

Find my phone. With a Lookout premium account you can remotely lock your tablet from prying eyes. Or better yet, Lookout mobile security premium account can wipe all your data residing on your mobile phone or tablet in case you have exhausted all the means of recovering your lost device. In most cases you might want to wait for the thief to insert a new SIM card before wiping all your data. Because if the thief replaces the SIM card on your lost phone, the Lookout app can detect this change and send this new number to your Lookout account. All you have to do is report this to the authority or service provider that can help you a lot in retrieving your lost phone.

Lookout Mobile Security Find my Phone feature

Security. Prevention is better than cure, with a Lookout premium account you can prevent your device from accessing malicious websites using the safe browsing feature. This Android app can automatically detect and alert you if you’re about to visit a phishing site. Additionally the app can identify which downloaded apps attempts to invade your privacy using the privacy advisor feature. This way Android user are warned beforehand if a certain app is leaking sensitive information like email addresses, phone numbers, message content or location information.

Recently the company behind Lookout mobile security already makes some improvements in their Lookout site giving its users the convenience browsing the site in almost any mobile device. This decision is due to the fact that most people locate their lost phones from other mobile devices of a friend or from a complete stranger.

Lookout Mobile Security in action

Previously, we introduce you Norton Mobile Security and Find My iPhone that is similar to Lookout Mobile Security. The only difference between these three apps is that you can’t use the GPS tracking feature of Norton MS unless you buy the full version.

What do you think of Lookout Mobile Security? Do the set of features it offers fit in your requirement of free phone tracking software? Can you suggest similar app that provides free phone tracking for free? Let us know by posting your comments below.

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