Windows 7 Hack Can Bypass the Login Screen

Windows 7 Hack Can Bypass the Login Screen

Jun 2, 2012

I have not been into hacking Windows and software tools several years from now. Maybe it’s because I no longer find it as a necessity in my current job. Back then I was almost in constant search of ways to protect the network and the computers residing in it from different intrusion by learning the tools and method used. I always keep myself and the system updated so that intrusion attempts will never take place. I also persuade everybody to use a strong password on their computers because it will serve as their first level of defense against malicious attacks. But what will you do if someone can bypass your computer’s login screen by just tapping the Shift key five times? Read more and see how this is possible in this Windows 7 Hack.

In this post, I have come across a blog post at carnal0wnage that will allow you to bypass the login screen. Basically the hack works by tricking the sethc.exe to launch a command shell executable instead of the dialog box that asks you the “Do you want to turn on Sticky Keys?” question. With a command shell at the hands of a hacker, he/she can do anything on your computer or laptop even if it’s protected by a super hard-to-guess password. The hacker will just tap the Shift key five times and boom your computer was not yours anymore.

But for the hacker to bypass your computer’s login screen, he/she needs to alter your system’s registry settings using administrator account. With the help of a thumb drive that contains a *.reg file that has the required registry settings, he/she will just load those settings by double-clicking the file. If you want to test it out you can do so by putting the codes below in a *.reg file then load that file.

REG ADD “HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options\sethc.exe” /v Debugger /t REG_SZ /d “C:\windows\system32\cmd.exe”

What can you do to prevent this from happening? First is to disable the Sticky Keys feature. You can do this by going to Control Panel -> Ease of Access Center -> Make the keyboard easier to use -> Set up Sticky Keys and uncheck the “Turn on Sticky Keys when SHIFT is pressed five times”. If you think that someone has already gained access on your computer you should first check if the hacker implanted a back door user that he can use to gain access while you’re away. So make it a habit of locking your computer before going anywhere else.

The hacking method in this post was known to exist several years ago so you might find it not news worthy. But the fact that this hack can still be done on Windows 7, Windows 8 Consumer Preview and even on Windows 2008 R2, I think that everyone using a Windows OS has the right to know.

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