How To Earn Money by Contributing Game Items via Steam Workshop

How To Earn Money by Contributing Game Items via Steam Workshop

Jun 2, 2012

Got some artistic skills? Then make it work for you and earn money by contributing game items on the Steam Workshop. And if you’re playing online games like Team Fortress 2, Portal 2, Dota 2 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, you can use your experience and knowledge of the game by contributing cosmetic enhancements or items. After creating your work of art that is specific to a particular game, all you have to do is to upload them to the Steam Workshop.

After uploading your content you should then wait for players to vote for your content or items to be included in the game. Of course you can promote your items in any way that you like so that you can gather the right amount of attention.

To be able to get the right amount of attention of the Steam community, your work of art should gather a certain amount of votes from the players and fans of a particular game. If your entry acquired the enough votes and the community craves for it, the development team will then release your uploaded content as official parts of the game itself.

Earn Money via Steam Workshop

Earn Money via Steam Workshop

This is really cool because you can now consider yourself as part of the game development team. Aside from the popularity that you can get, you could also earn some money by getting a portion of the total sales made by your game items from the in-game store. Did you know that over 3.5 million dollars was already paid out to Team Fortress 2 contributors?

I got a hint for you. If you really want to earn money this way then try to create game items for the DOTA 2 characters. It’s because it was just recently added as part of the Steam Workshop. This could mean that there’s plenty of room for contributors like you who can participate in the enhancements of each characters. Of course your game items or enhancements should be a requirement of the community itself. So try listening to the Dota 2 fans first to get an idea of your first creation. You can start by visiting the Steam community portal.

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