[Android & iOS] Hide It Pro Hides Files and Locks your Apps

[Android & iOS] Hide It Pro Hides Files and Locks your Apps

Jun 15, 2012

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There are many instances that my favorite game on my iPad 2 to disappear without a trace because it was accidentally deleted by my 3-year old son. It was a very frustrating experience finding out that my favorite game was gone. I even try to find ways to hide it on my tablet but there’s no simple way of doing it. Then I found this great app from Google Play Store that allows me to lock apps from being played. This app called Hide It Pro was originally developed for the Android users and is now available to Apple fans as well.

Developed by Anuj Tenani for both Android and iOS users, the app can hide your target files as well as lock the apps that you don’t want others to be playing too. This app is completely FREE and UNLIMITED version that has a rating of full 5 stars on the Google Play store that already reached 1 million downloads.

Once installed, this app was cleverly disguised as a fully functional “Audio Manager” that uses a different icon to misrepresent itself from prying eyes. But even they found out about it and ask for your unlock password, instead of giving the real unlock code you can hand them the ‘escape unlock code’. Using the escape unlock code to unlock the app, Hide It Pro will just display an empty window and will fulfill its promise of hiding all your secrets from everybody else.

You can hide different file types with Hide It Pro ranging from pictures, videos, audio files and even the contents of the entire folder. The app has a built-in file manager that will allow you to delete, hide or move your files from folder to folder. It also includes send/share functionality to easily share pictures and images with your friends. But that’s not all the app also allows you to view the files in a slideshow or gallery with Hold, Fade and Zoom effects.

If the file you’re trying to view is a movie file, Hide It Pro also includes a video player that functions as a full pledge media player that supports play/pause/forward/rewind/next/prev video functions.

If you’re too paranoid about your files, you can encrypt that file or folders using the built-in encryption feature using a military standard encryption of 256-bit AES.

So what do you think of Hide It Pro? For me I this app already satisfy my need of just locking the app that I want. Does Hide It Pro hit all the checkbox in your wanted feature list? Tell us about your experience by posting your comments below. Good luck!

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  1. NUTC24CK32 /

    This is complicated. If you do have access on his mobile phone then you could just have to know his password. If you dont then you might have to use the recovery email to reset the pw of his email. Then you know what should be done next.

  2. umaya bhat /

    i told my friend about this app audio manager..he found it quite good for hiding his personal photos..i had kept my own email id as his recovery email id…now i want to hack his audio manager or i want to delete his all data including my photos… can i do it wid the help of recovery email id..?? if yes then how..? please help me out..

  3. NUTC24CK32 /

    If you unlock it via the app I think you should see it automatically in your inbox.

  4. Jaideep Sharma /

    I have locked a few text messages with this application but now I want to retrieve them again to my inbox. Is there any way I can do that?

  5. NUTC24CK32 /

    Honestly, that is the same advice I get from my friends. But technically, yes, the ‘hidden’ attribute should go away after re-installing the app.

  6. Chan Fai Wong /

    Will the hidden file will gone as well after re-install the app?

  7. NUTC24CK32 /

    Maybe you can try to reinstall the app? Or do some manual removal of Hide It Pro first before re-installing.

  8. Chan Fai Wong /

    yes,hide it pro aka audio manager…but the icon was just happen become android logo and doesn’t working at all, seeking your kind advice to recover the hidden file….

  9. NUTC24CK32 /

    What app did you use to hide your files? Hide It Pro?

  10. Chan Fai Wong /

    how to recover my hidden files in case my hide it pro doesn’t working?

  11. NUTC24CK32 /

    If you lost your tab, there’s no other way but to retrieve it first. Unless you have an app that will allow you to remotely connect on your tab then you can use the Hide It Pro password to unlock your files again.

  12. i lost my tab.can i unlock the files locked using hide it pro with ny other phone or pc??

  13. NUTC24CK32 /

    Do you atleast try to reboot your phone?

  14. mapg87 /

    I downloaded the app hide it pro on my galaxy s II but for some reason it doesn’t lock my apps. When I click on the app to see if it locked it takes me right to it do anyone can still see my app. I’ve downloaded the other app part that it asked me too. What do I do to get my apps locked????

  15. NUTC24CK32 /

    Are there any error messages?

  16. Paresh /

    Lock App is not working even installing plug in for that in Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830i

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