Pebble Smart Watch is a Dream Come True for iWatch Fans

Pebble Smart Watch is a Dream Come True for iWatch Fans

Apr 12, 2012

Do you still remember the iWatch concept of an Italian ADR Studio that looks like a tiny iPod Touch on a strap? iWatch is a timepiece made up of Aluminum body loaded with smartphone-like features like weather forecast system, 16GB storage, integrated RSS reader, LCD projector, WiFi and Bluetooth connection that will allow you to connect it to your iPhone or iPad. But of course those features were still a concept as of today because Apple has not yet produced a ‘smart watch’ similar to the iWatch concept.

While you can still wait for the iWatch to go ‘live’ you could just opt for the Pebble smart watch instead that is inching its way to full production this month. Pebble is a KickStarter project that is currently receiving numerous supports allowing them to reach their goal of $100,000 in just two hours. As of this writing the project was able to receive $500,000+ from 3,858 supporters. Similar to the iWatch concept design, the Pebble smart watch includes features that allow you to extend the functionality of your iPhone or Android device.

Pebble Smart Watch

Pebble Smart Watch

Pebble interacts with your iPhone or Android device using Bluetooth connection. It uses this connection to read information and utilize your smartphone features like acceleration, GPS and gyroscope. With this capability it can provide you useful information like speed and the distance traveled if you’re biking or running. If you are a music lover, you can use Pebble to play, pause or skip tracks that is currently playing on your smartphone.

Additionally this smart watch provides you with notifications allowing you to keep track of important things and disregard the not so important ones. The Pebble can display the Caller ID of an incoming call, email and calendar alerts, weather as well as Facebook and Twitter messages. Pebble can also display SMS or Text Messages on its electronic paper display but it’s only available for Android users because this information is not ‘exposed’ in the iPhone. For your convenience I listed below the specs and FAQs from the site to give you more information about Pebble.

Pebble is the first watch built for the 21st century. It’s infinitely customizable, with beautiful downloadable watchfaces and useful internet-connected apps. Pebble connects to iPhone and Android smartphones using Bluetooth, alerting you with a silent vibration to incoming calls, emails and messages. While designing Pebble, we strove to create a minimalist yet fashionable product that seamlessly blends into everyday life.

Pebble Smart Watch Specs:

Customizable watch faces

144 x 168 pixel display black and white e-paper

Bluetooth 2.1+ EDR

4 buttons

Vibrating motor

3 axis accelerometer with gesture detection


iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S running iOS 5 or any iPod Touch with iOS 5.

Android devices running OS 2.3 and up. Works great with Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How long does the battery last?    A. The rechargeable battery keeps Pebble going for 7+ days.

Q. Does the watch display stay on all the time?    A. Yes. The display shows a watchface at all times.

Q. Does it have a backlight?

A. Yes, Pebble has a backlight to view the display at night.

Q. Is it waterproof?

A. Pebble is splashproof, but can’t be submerged. It’s fine around every day wet situations like washing dishes, going for a run in the rain, sweat etc.

Q. Scratchproof?

A. Yes, Pebble has a scratch and shatter resistant lens with an anti-glare optical coating.

Q. Does it use up my phones battery?

A. Pebble is a Bluetooth device, similar to a Bluetooth headset. It does affect the battery life of your phone, usually using up an extra 5-10% per day.

Q. How does it charge?

A. We include a special USB cable. You can charge Pebble using your computer or any wall USB charger.

Q. Can I replace the bands?

A. Yes, Pebble is designed to fit most 22mm watch bands.

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