The New iPad Runs Hotter By 10 Degrees – Does it Matter?

The New iPad Runs Hotter By 10 Degrees – Does it Matter?

Mar 20, 2012

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Many people are complaining that the new iPad runs hotter. Is there a really big difference? Despite of the not so many good things that we hear about the iPad 3 or iPad HD as we previously call it, the new iPad was still a hit amongst Apple fans. Since its launch last week, Apple was able to sold 3 million iPads and still counting. According to Philip Schiller Apple’s Senior VP for Worldwide Marketing, the launch of the new iPad is a blockbuster and the strongest iPad launch to date. But in the last couple of days after the launch, the first adopters of the Retina-equipped display were known to having some problems.

The problem was known to stem from its bigger battery and upgraded processor and graphics chips needed to drive the 2048-by-1536 Retina display. On some online sites, some people say that it feels hot on the left corner of the new iPad. But according to them this is true only after playing games on the new iPad that pushed the hardware to work above normal.

1x1.trans The New iPad Runs Hotter By 10 Degrees   Does it Matter?

iPad & iPhone heat protection system

The ‘hot’ feeling was described only as ‘warm’ and not laptop-hot that I believe was in the range of 0 – 35 degree Celsius which is the normal operating temperature for your iPhone or iPad to continue working. Above that range your iOS device will surely cease to function and will shut itself automatically. The screen will go dark and a message “iPad needs to cool down before you can use it” will be displayed. This sort of protection was designed to prevent the innards of your iPad from overheating.

To get the real score whether the new iPad was really hotter than the iPad 2, folks at Tweaker.Net conducted a heat test. To reveal the truth, they used a benchmarking tool to push the hardware working above normal for five minutes. After the test they use an infrared camera to visually describe the difference in temperature of the new iPad and the iPad 2. As you can see, the new iPad (marked as Sp1) glows brighter than the iPad 2 (marked as Sp2) which indicates that the latter was indeed ‘hotter’ that its predecessor.

1x1.trans The New iPad Runs Hotter By 10 Degrees   Does it Matter?

New iPad runs hotter: iPad 2 vs new iPad Heat signatures

But if you will look again in the test, the new iPad scores 33.6 degree Celsius and 28.3 degree Celsius for the iPad 2. So it’s just a difference of 5.3 degree Celsius (approx. 10 degree Fahrenheit) which I think is not that hot as described by some. But of course, the little difference will be noticeable if you’re living in a hot climate or if you’re using your new iPad under the sun. Additionally, many owners of both the iPad 2 and the new iPad are suggesting that the difference in the temperatures is not noticeable at all.

So does it really matter that the new iPad runs hotter by 10 degrees (F)? If you will ask me, I think that the 5 degree Celsius difference is just fine. For us iPad owners, we should take note that the iPad does not have an internal ventilation system found in laptops that also contributes to a rise in the temperature.

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