Hollywood Celebrities That Looks Like DOTA 2 Heroes

Hollywood Celebrities That Looks Like DOTA 2 Heroes

Mar 11, 2012

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If there’s a DOTA 2 movie in the making, which Hollywood actors/actresses would you think will fit in each character’s profile? For the uninformed DOTA 2 is a sequel from the popular Defense of the Ancients mod for Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne. It is a multiplayer game in which two opposing teams are set to destroy each other’s fortified stronghold. Each player in a team will be controlling a unique hero with unique abilities that is designed to play an important role in a team combat. Does it sound still Greek to you? Just think of this game as the Lord of the Rings movie. 1x1.trans Hollywood Celebrities That Looks Like DOTA 2 Heroes By the way if you’re looking for online movie services you can now sign-up for a free trial of Hulu Plus1x1.trans Hollywood Celebrities That Looks Like DOTA 2 Heroes account!

This work of art came from a DOTA 2 forum goer that goes by the name of AvunaOs. He was a kind of inspired by a ‘DOTA 2 movie cast’ chat thread that he decided to create a series of images that resembles both a DOTA 2 hero and a Hollywood celebrity.

“I saw that DOTA2 movie cast thread in the dota chat and I decided to make some merges between dota2 hero icons and some actors/actresses from hollywood. Here we go!” – AvunaOs

Among the ‘morphed’ images, what I like best is Scarlett Johansson as Rylai and Megan Fox as Mirana. I really wish that a DOTA 2 movie is in the work. It could be a mix of 3D animations from the movie Avatar and Lord of the Rings. If you want to see the complete list of the original DOTA 2 characters visit this link.

1x1.trans Hollywood Celebrities That Looks Like DOTA 2 Heroes

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1x1.trans Hollywood Celebrities That Looks Like DOTA 2 Heroes

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