Upgrade Samsung Wave II S8530 To Bada 2.0 OS

Upgrade Samsung Wave II S8530 To Bada 2.0 OS

Feb 19, 2012

After scouring the Internet for articles for so many months related to upgrading Bada 1.2 of my Samsung Wave II, I finally have my Samsung phone loaded with Bada 2.0 operating system. I made this decision even though many people say that incorrect flashing will brick my phone. Additionally, when all of my attempts in updating my phone’s firmware through Samsung Kies were exhausted that waiting for the official released of Bada 2.0 seems to be futile. With the information (and a lot of courage) that I gathered, I proceed blindly to flashing my phone with firmware from another region to upgrade Samsung Wave II to Bada 2 OS.

Previously I was using an Asian firmware with S8530DXKB1 and CSC with S8530OLBKB1 because I’m from the Philippines. And when I visit sammobile.com and find out that there’s still no firmware for my region, I decided to use a Romanian (Vodafone) Bada 2.0 firmware released this month (February). Though I do not know whether this is an official release or not I pick this firmware because after downloading the zipped file, it seems that it has all the files needed. After downloading the file, I suggest that you make it sure that the files you have downloaded is not corrupted. So if it’s possible to turn off advance virus scanning, turn it off before downloading the file.

Before proceeding with the steps required in flashing your Samsung Wave II, make sure that your does not have SIM lock and NET lock. To check, type *#7465625# and see to it that all the settings were currently set to [Off]. In my case, after typing the code all settings were set to [Off]. If this is not the same as yours, I highly suggest that you do not proceed.

Samsung Wave II with Bada 2.0 Upgrade via Multiloader

According to samfirmware, if you have boot and FS files you can use that firmware even if that firmware is from another region. By believing in that statement I proceed to flashing my phone with a firmware from another region (Romanian). Check this post by samfirmware that I used as a basis in using this firmware.

Warning: Flash at your own risk and always make a backup of your data. I am not responsible for any damage to you and your phone in this process.

Download the files below:

Things to do:

  1. You can choose between installing the USB drivers for Samsung Wave or install the latest Kies from Samsung Apps website. But I suggest that you install the latest Kies version because I believe that the latest USB drivers are included in the latest release of Samsung Kies.
  2. Check that your phone can connect with Kies via USB cable.
  3. Extract the contents of the firmware archive in a folder.
  4. Launch Multiloader v5.65 and select LSI.
  5. Before connecting your phone, take out the SIM card and memory card. Turn it on (power on) again.
  6. Put your phone in Download mode by holding Volume Down + Camera + Power buttons.
  7. Connect your phone via USB cable and click ‘Port Search’ button. Make sure that you select the port labeled as ‘Ready’ by clicking the correct radio button.
  8. Choose ‘Full Download’.
  9. Select Boot and locate the file from the folder you extracted on Step 3.
  10. Select Amss and go to the file.
  11. Select Apss and go to the file.
  12. Select Rsrc1 and go to the file.
  13. Select Rsrc2 and go to the file. (Select always LOW)
  14. Select Factory FS and go to the file.
  15. Select CSC and go to the file.
  16. Select SHP APP and go to the file.
  17. Select FOTA and go to the file.
  18. Click the Download button.
  19. Wait for the flashing process to finish. If finished, your phone will boot and you should see the blue Bada logo.

After the phone has restarted, you might find it a bit slow at first but be patient because your phone is just warming up. Also you might find out that there’s no connection settings configured for your applications to use when connecting to the Internet. You can ask this info from your respective service provider but normally they can send this as configuration file in the form of SMS. In my case since I’m a Globe subscriber I just send ‘GO’ to 2951 to get all the connection settings that I need.

Also you might find yourself wanting to change your phone’s theme immediately after using it for a while. To change your default theme, you can download themes from Samsung Apps or you can do it manually by using STune.

To use STune, connect your phone via USB cable then launch STune. Select ‘Samsung Mobile USB Modem’ under the ‘Devices’ tab. Select ‘Browser’ tab then double-click AppEx from the folder list. Proceed to User > Theme > Download then drag the *.smt theme file that you downloaded from the internet to this folder located at the right pane. Unplug your phone then go to Settings > Display > Theme then select the theme you added previously.


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  1. Hi followed your steps…did it sucessfully…thanks a ton :)

  2. arjunxt /

    thanks this worked….:)

  3. i have another problem as well. whenever i close a game like Alchemy on my phone a blue screen (app crashed) appears and i have to remove the battery to restart the phone. so i put the debug level to LOW. but after that the game is not working and the phone hangs. what to do?

    • NUTC24CK32 /

      Perhaps you should try upgrading first. 😉

      • but bada 2.0 has not yet released for my region for Wave-II. what can i do to upgrade my bada 1.2 to 2.0?

        • NUTC24CK32 /

          Just follow the steps provided in this blog post. You can use the firmware that I used to successfully upgrade your Wave II to Bada 2.0

          • i few days back i just changed the country in PRE CONFIG menu of phone and phone didn’t start afterwards so i had to take the phone to repair :-(

            so are you certain that upgrading my phone with some other region’s firmware wont do anything silly with my phone?

            • NUTC24CK32 /

              Yes, it should work if after typing *#7465625# on your phone will show all settings are set to ‘OFF’. Otherwise do not attempt to upgrade it using the method above.

              • is there any working method of spoofing in bada 1.2? i have tried everything like wave spoofer, applist, wamp server etc but nothing worked.is there any other method bro?

  4. i have S-8530 Wave-II and i want to upgrade the bada os of my phone but bada 2.0 has not yet released for my region. what can i do to upgrade my bada 1.2 to 2.0?

    • NUTC24CK32 /

      Just follow the steps above. As I have said in this post, my region is Philippines but I used a European firmware and it works. It should work also for you. Just follow the steps carefully. Goodluck!

  5. hey..i got Factory FS write error..tried many firmwares, even every file one by one..and always the same..is there any help?

    • NUTC24CK32 /

      Make sure you download the files completely and not corrupted. I suggest that you change some settings on your anti-virus to not scan while downloading to avoid corrupted download file. Also please follow the instructions carefully. Goodluck!

  6. Lia Torralba /

    I have a Wave 2 too which I upgraded to Bada 2 using Kies. I can’t seem to use live wallpaper as it appears to interfere with my Wi-Fi signal. I deleted it na. I’m using Globe too and got all the configurations but everytime I launch Facebook, the phone says I don’t have enough memory and that app must close. WTF?! BTW, I did go to STunes but can’t seem to find the devices tab anymore. :(

    • NUTC24CK32 /

      You should check whether the Facebook app is installed in your phone’s memory card (SD card) or phone memory. I suggest you install it in the SD card.

  7. John Paul Matias /

    You’re a mobile savior!! thank you very much for this!! :)

  8. Sheys Reaño /

    pagkwagwapo naman pala ni nutc24ck32 hihihih go go go

  9. please help meeeee

  10. when i click download apears this message: Error : BootLoader Write [0.3s]

  11. Hey why is it whenever i click the “boot” the message “Cannot load binary whatever” appears. :(

  12. What should I do :( I have no samsung apps icon on my phone. I lost it when I let the technician flash my phone. (Samsung Wave 1) Thanks!!

    • NUTC24CK32 /

      My guide here is for Samsung Wave II but I believe that you can also do the same for your Wave 1. Just simply go to sammobile to download a firmware for your region then try to flash it again.

  13. thanks ,,,a lot dude…

  14. bosco /

    Hi When I started download, it is showing serial port open error, could u pls advice why this is happening

  15. sahith /

    its awesom……..thanks a lot! :))

  16. eddie /

    pls help…. how can i use my wifi??? it wont connect..just want to use samsung apps but it says .set connection for network services…. how can i fix this??

    • nutc24ck32 /

      you have to consult this with your mobile service provider. as I have said in my case I’m from the Philippines and my network carrier is Globe Telecom, to get mobile phone settings for 3G/2G/WiFi I just have to send SMS message to a certain number.

  17. eddie /

    why cant i use the wifi? and samsung apps in the phone?

  18. eddie /

    omg!! thanx for helping upgrade my bada! this helps a lot

  19. eddie /

    helppp!!! where is this????? —– Connect your phone via USB cable and click ‘Port Search’ button. Make sure that you select the port labeled as ‘Ready’ by clicking the correct radio button.

  20. eddie /

    hi! ive been wanting to upgrade my 8530 1.2 o 2.0… but im not a techie person… alot of things that i cant understand in changing it…. i hope you can help me badly…. :)

  21. Ninzz_04 /

    nagwa ko na..thanks

  22. Ninzz_04 /

    pano kung ayaw mag connect ng phone sa kies? sabi: Device is not supported by kies 2.0

  23. Ahyit08 /


  24. Bogdan Lupu /

    thanks man, thank  you

  25. Baffasule /

    Meeen!!! you the best. works perfectly for me. thanx

  26. John /

    Thnx very much, you’re a great help bro.!! cheers

  27. Wileycpu /

    hi do you know where to download firmwares for gt-s8500 samsung wave?

    • Eugene M. Villegas /

      Go to sammobile.com site. You can find the firmware that you need from there. Just be sure to read the instructions and notes regarding the firmware you are downloading.

  28. nadya /

    i’ve done with my wave 2.. and it works very well. thnks a million! :) 

  29. Thank you, after letting Kies update firmware on my s8530 running Bada OS 1.2, my phone wouldn’t start normally but would display a phone- and computericon between which there is an exclamation mark.
    Emergency Firmware Repair (or what’s it called again?) would crash somewhere between 30% and often at 64%.
    Desperate to get my phone working I spent hours searching for a solution, multiloader and official(?) firmware from samfirmware seemed to be recommended by alot of people.

    Tried it, crossed my fingers (while words like formatting and such flashed before my eyes in multiloader), saw the new Bada 2.0 logo appear and I couldn’t be happier.

    However, I do wonder if the firmware I downloaded is official and doesn’t nullify my warranty. (Would they check firmware for small mechanical problems like a bad speaker?)

    Anyway, the thing I wanted to say was.
    Thank you, you saved me a bunch of money… probably!

    • NUTC24CK32 /

      Samsung Kies cause a lot of problems when updating your firmware. That is why I decided to flash my phone instead.

    • Eugene M. Villegas /

      Updating via Kies was really a bad experience for many. That is why most users prefer to flash their phone even knowing that they could brick their phone in the process.

  30. Jaser890 /

    Thank You.. Thank you.. thank you nutc24ck32.. This was much much needed by the world.. 

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