WifiKill Can Knock-off Everyone On A WiFi HotSpot

WifiKill Can Knock-off Everyone On A WiFi HotSpot

Nov 12, 2011

I have been hearing about this mobile app for the past few days while I’m riding the train on my way home. On one of those days, the students at my back were seriously talking about it and they lowered their voice each time I look at them. I heard them saying that by using this ‘killer’ app, you can literally ‘own’ a WiFi network with just a few tap on your phone. So I decided to check this out and find out if this is true.

I found out that it was an Android app created by one of the developers at the xda site. It’s called the WifiKill for Android. The app was last updated November 5, 2011 and its current version is v1.7. If you have an older version you should uninstall it first then install the newest version. WifiKill can be found on its homepage forum.ponury.net and was created by bponury. It was created for the purpose of ‘knocking’ everybody off using the same WiFi connection so that you can enjoy the full bandwidth just for yourself. It sounds good if you’re the owner of the WiFi connection but it’s the opposite if you’re just one of those Starbucks customers that were just hanging around.

Previously this app can be downloaded from the Google market but it was remove due to its aggressive functionality. If you want to try this app you can donate to the developer and have an AD-FREE app by checking this link. For the free version that have annoying ADS, just access the project homepage above. You have to gain root access first on your device prior to installing WifiKill. This app really works as mentioned by the xda-forum members on this thread.  But just a word of caution, you can get caught if you will try owning someone else WiFi connection. They can track you using your MAC address and based on that info they can trace the manufacturer of that address and look for that device in your bag.

To sum up, WifiKill is a double-edged sword that you can use and can be used against you. I suggest that if you’re not the owner of the WiFi connection, don’t try this app without their permission. Remember the golden rule ‘Don’t do unto others what you do not want others will do unto you’. Have a nice day!

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