iPhone Gets Burned While On An Australian Flight

iPhone Gets Burned While On An Australian Flight

Nov 30, 2011

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Apple products were classified as ‘high-end’ gadgets supported by high customer satisfaction rate compared to its competitors. The quality of its products was rooted from its unique design and style that make its way to the hearts of many people. This tradition of quality and style was rooted from the legacy of the late Steve Jobs and was continued until today by its current CEO – Tim Cook. But with the recent incident that happened on an Australian flight were an iPhone was involved, could this be the start of their downfall?

Previously early iPhone 4S adopters were plague by rapid depletion of battery at a rate of approximately 10% per hour. Apple engineers pointed out that the source of the problem is within the iOS and not the hardware itself. But with the burning iPhone incident that happened, it seems to reveal that it is not the software to blame. A customer who owns the iPhone (unknown model) who experiences the terrifying moment said that the iPhone “started emitting a significant amount of dense smoke, accompanied by a red glow.” According to domestic airline (Regional Express Airlines) authorities, the incident started as the plane landed in Sydney. The picture of the burning iPhone (courtesy of REX Airlines) was said to be an iPhone 4.

This is not the first incident that an Apple product was involved in a similar case. There was also a reported incident that happened few years ago, this time it’s an iPod Touch. It was said that the device spontaneously burned while in the child’s trousers that caused the child’s leg to slightly burn. The cause of the problems was said to come from its overheating battery. If these two incidents could lead to the discovery that the iPhone batteries were to blame, it might hurt Apple’s reputation.

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