Install and Run Windows Apps on OS X Using WinOnX

Install and Run Windows Apps on OS X Using WinOnX

Nov 20, 2011

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You got here maybe because you’re one of those geeks out there who successfully finished the Mac OS X Lion Hackintosh project using UniBeast. Or maybe you’re an ex-Windows fan who finally got tired of the BSOD (blue-screen-of-death) and finally decided to switch to Mac Book Pro. After a few days of playing with your new toy, you find yourself looking for Mac versions for each of the software tool that is previously installed on your Windows computer. Did you get frustrated after finding out that your favorite Windows app does not have a Mac version yet? In this post you will know how install and run Windows apps on OS X.

This dilemma seems to be normal for those people who have been using Windows systems for a long time and then immediately migrated to Mac OS X. So maybe you’re already asking the question like “Is there a way for me to simply run Windows app on my Mac?” Yes there’s a way. By installing and using this WinOnX on your precious Mac Book Pro, you will no longer have to search for a Mac app equivalent of each Windows app that you previously enjoyed on your PC. The only downside of this is app is that it’s not for free to download and use. But it’s not that expensive. You can buy this software from the Mac App Store for a small price of $4.99.

1x1.trans Install and Run Windows Apps on OS X Using WinOnX

WinOnX is Windows emulator for Mac OS X

To use this tool, make sure that you’re running Mac OS X 10.6 or above. After downloading and installing WinOnX from the Mac App Store you are now ready. To run Windows app on your Mac, just download and install that app. Have a nice day!

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