How To Protect Facebook Account Using Free Firefox Add-on

How To Protect Facebook Account Using Free Firefox Add-on

Nov 7, 2011

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If you’re both a Firefox fan and a Facebook fan, you should rejoice by now because you can now rest assured (for now) that there’s a way for you to avoid your Facebook profile being hacked. Through the efforts of Mozilla engineers, you can now enable this feature by simply installing this add-on on your Firefox browser. In particular this add-on feature protects you from ‘phishing’ attempts made by malicious users by ‘crafting’ fake websites. These fake web sites can trick you because these sites were crafted in such a way that it looks very similar to the original Facebook site. By logging in using your Facebook user name and password, you’re in the act giving away all your confidential information and your identity. In this post I will introduce to you a Firefox add-on that can protect Facebook account from being compromised.

Using FB Phishing Protector, you can protect yourself from these attacks that are often carried out through XSS (cross-site scripting) injection attacks. While browsing Facebook, this add-on monitors all script injection that will come your way. If it encounters a script that attempts to redirect you to another domain that has been blacklisted, it will immediately launch a warning message that pops up on your screen to notify you. Additionally this Firefox add-on can protect you from fake Facebook applications that also have the capability of redirecting you to fake Facebook sites.

For those non-Firefox users out there, maybe this is the time to try this popular browser. So what are you waiting for? Visit the site to try this security feature that will surely add another layer of protection on your Facebook account. Be sure to acquire this add-on only from this site because some hackers might try to fool you from installing fake versions. Have a nice day.

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