How To Monitor Solid State Drive’s Health and Life Expectancy

How To Monitor Solid State Drive’s Health and Life Expectancy

Nov 8, 2011

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Bad things happen when your system drives crashed for an unknown reason. But along the way you will find out that you’re the only one to be blame for this. You read some article on the web on how to optimize your newly installed SSD, but after some few days your precious SSD just died. To avoid this very annoying situation, you should know how to monitor solid state drive’s performance. Doing so can give you the chance to act quickly if you’re monitoring tool report that your drive’s health is going down quickly. So after implementing some techniques that you think will optimize your drive’s performance, you should monitor solid state drive’s health from time to time to validate the information you have.

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Monitor SSD Health with SSDLife

There are many tools out there that can be used for this purpose. Usually you have to pay some hefty price to acquire those tools. But in this post, I will introduce you to a free Windows app that can help you monitor your SSD’s health and life expectancy. Though it can monitor only one SSD (the first one detected) in a computer system, it is (still) an invaluable tool for your monitoring purposes. It utilizes the SMART data on your SSD and interprets that data to reflect its current health. After launching the SSDLife app and scanning your SSD, all the information will be displayed in a window. It includes drive’s model, firmware info, the manufacturer info, free and total space, work time, health and estimated lifetime. You can also view how much data were written (in GB) Today, Yesterday and during the Last 7 days. Also it will show you if ‘TRIM’ operation is supported by your drive.

With the help of this information from SSDLife, you can now plan ahead of time if you need to backup or replace your failing drive. If you want to know more about SSD, read my post Solid State Drive FACTS. To download this free app, just go to the developer’s website. What do you think of SSDLife? Would you recommend this tool to monitor solid state drive health? Let us know by posting your comments below.

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