BlueStacks Allows You to Run Android Apps on Windows PC

BlueStacks Allows You to Run Android Apps on Windows PC

Nov 22, 2011

Android’s popularity seems to stem from the fact that it was supported by many developers compared to other mobile platforms. And with every new apps that was introduced almost every day, you may soon find yourself craving for a particular app to have a Windows version someday. Maybe because you want to enjoy it on a larger screen if it’s an Android game like Need for Speed or Street Fighter. Or if you’re a blogger or writer you may want to use the same blogging tool (similar to Evernote) on your tablet and switch to your desktop later when you got home. In this case you may want to run the same Android app on your Windows PC because the smaller screen display on your mobile device tends to strain your eyes a little bit faster. In this post I will introduce to you a virtualization software that will allow you to run Android apps on Windows PC.

BlueStacks running on Windows 7

Using a technology that can virtualize Android apps on Windows, you can now use that same Android app found on your smartphone to your Windows PC. This technology was based on the idea of Rosen Sharma the CEO and founder of BlueStacks. He realized that many Android fans may want to have their favorite Android app to be installed and run on their Windows PC maybe for added convenience of the larger screen displays. To run Android apps on your Windows PC all you have to do is to download your favorite app on your Android phone. Then transfer or send that app to your Windows PC via Cloud Connect that is installed on your phone. After sending the app to your PC, you should be able to see the entire Android app in the BlueStacks Player. From there you can now run those Android apps like native Windows applications.

Currently the program is still in the Alpha stages so we should expect that some Android apps are not yet supported. You can download the latest BlueStacks and use the system for free that currently supports selected Android apps only. Previously it was only available to Windows 7 users. If you’re a Windows XP or Windows Vista users, please read this guide first to make sure that you will have a compatible system to run BlueStacks.

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