Tron Light Cycle Gets Real Thanks to the Parker Brothers

Tron Light Cycle Gets Real Thanks to the Parker Brothers

Sep 22, 2011

Ever wished to ride a bike similar to the Lightcycles used in the comeback movie of Tron? Well, this is good news for you. Last year, the team that designed the futuristic bike used in the sequel movie Tron: Legacy was the same team that put this dream bike into reality. Parker Brothers, the siblings behind it all started to achieve the impossible having challenged by the idea that the lightcycles cannot be done.  Previously it was run on gasoline, but this time they converted the gasoline gulping machine into an electric bike. They now come up of a real bike that can go up to 120 mph. The Tron Light Cycle can travel for 100 miles before being recharged that can only take up to 35-minutes.

Though it seems that the bike is a bit hard to ride we can expect that Shanon and Mark will come up again with a new idea how to polish and tame this great beast.

Real TRON Light Cycle by Parker Brothers

Real TRON Light Cycle by Parker Brothers

“We have these beautiful vehicles that are completely theoretical, wonderful you’ll never see in the real world. We had to come up with a lot of stuff that has never been done on a motorcycle.” -Shanon

If you want to have a picture with this bike together with the Parker brothers, pay a visit to Shanon and Mark at their custom choppers shop at Melbourne Florida, USA. If I were you, I will visit them at night so that you can see this beautiful beast shining at its magnificent blue light just like in the movie. But if you want to have this for real you can buy the not electric version for a total of $55,000 at the Hammacher site.

See the video below to see the dream bike turns into a reality.

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