Improve Data Transfer On Digital Cameras Using FlashAir

Improve Data Transfer On Digital Cameras Using FlashAir

Sep 4, 2011

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Toshiba’s slogan of “Leading Innovation” is really into something as they put some extra features on your memory cards that allow you to share files in both direction. Unlike the Eye-Fi, you can also pull files from other devices in addition to pushing files. With this functionality you can now share files with your friends without cables and a PC. But to utilize this feature the parties that wished to transfer files should have an SD lot that can accommodate a WiFi SDHC card with an onboard WLAN feature or FlashAir for short. This new wireless technology will surely improve data transfer rates on digital cameras. How? Read on.

FlashAir is currently using the IEEE 802.11 b/g/n wireless LAN standard but as of now it cannot be used as a network client to connect to an access point. But the good thing is that, this wireless equipped SDHC memory card can transfer files within 10 meters range with a transmission rate of 10Mbps. Also sending and receiving files is secured because it also support wireless security features like WEP, TKIP and AES(WPA, WPA2). Additionally data transfer rate of this this device is guaranteed at 6MB/sec because it is a Class 6 SDHC card.

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FlashAir can improve data transfer on digital cameras

If you are looking for a gadget upgrade you should consider devices that support FlashAir that can improve data transfer rates on digital cameras. Because in the near future different manufacturers will soon implement this technology on tablets, laptops and maybe even in smartphones. But as of now, you can experience this technology on some advance digital cameras that supports this. If you are planning to buy a FlashAir today even if you don’t have a FlashAir capable device today, don’t worry because you can use it as a normal memory card on non-FlashAir devices. Expect to see this technology in action initially on November 2011 that has a memory capacity of 8 Gbytes and by February 2012 worldwide. This cool technology will be bought at a reasonable price of $90.

Toshiba’s new technology that is built into WiFi SDHC cards can improve data transfer from digital cameras to any device that supports similar technology. Using FlashAir, anyone can transfer files from a SDHC equipped digital camera that is secured by common wireless technology found on wireless networks.

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