Android on HP TouchPad is Inching its Way to Reality

Android on HP TouchPad is Inching its Way to Reality

Sep 9, 2011

After pulling the plug on the support for the WebOS platform for HP TouchPad, many enthusiasts, hackers and programmers jump into the idea of porting the Android OS on this device. Though some are skeptics about this idea, Team TouchDroid starts the project Android on TouchPad without hesitation. And to fuel the enthusiasm of these hackers, some people put some cash bounty that now currently sums up to $2.3K.

On its debut, TouchPad was among the favorite gadgets and has received many good reviews. Though the hardware is at par with other gadgets of its kind, it lacks support for applications. This lack of support can be pointed to its operating system which is now the abandoned WebOS. But in this attempt of porting the Android on the TouchPad, more people will began to have interest in using this awesome gadget.

During the first attempt, the hackers have made the HP TouchPad to dual-boot WebOS together with Android 2.3.5 using a CyanogenMod hack. But the problem is that the touchscreen is not working properly. But after a few days, Team Touchdroid has now successfully solve the touchscreen problem by creating a “vanilla” build of Android 2.3.5 which can be seen in the video below.

Take note that the project is still a work in progress by Team Touchdroid. If you want to help, you can donate to them or increase the cash bounty. For those people who cannot wait to test it out click here -> How To Install Android on HP TouchPad or How to Install Android Gingerbread OS on HP TouchPad

Update: Team TouchDroid was officially disbanded. We should now hope that CyanogenMod will continue and finish this project.

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